Dr. Richard L. Richman Unveils Quantum Intelligence (Q.I.): A Revolutionary Step-by-Step System to Navigate Earth’s Energetic Transformation and Enhance Human Consciousness

May 15 11:42 2024
Dr. Richard L. Richman Unveils Quantum Intelligence (Q.I.): A Revolutionary Step-by-Step System to Navigate Earth's Energetic Transformation and Enhance Human Consciousness

Quantum Intelligence is the human equivalent to and complements AI’s Artificial Intelligence! Earth is in an upgrade transformation both physically and energetically at this time. I have personally created a potent East-West, step-by-step perfect system to assist in this huge, subtle, energetic transition. This is how it is to be.

There is high frequency, pure cosmic energy coming into the Earth as never witnessed before, causing the displacement of the invisible, low vibrational, Piscean dark energies, causing much chaos that includes 50% more suicides.

It is, therefore, a critical time to increase awareness regarding this “major dilemma” by learning how to feel energy consciously. Just like an acupuncturist, we can all do this, and it’s quite easy to learn this, our next shift in humankind.

For some, this is a real reincarnation prerequisite to align with our high-frequency Earth energetically. Developing a conscious knowing that there is a 100% frequency alignment at every quantum-energetic level is essential. As an international medical intuitive for the past 40 years, I have developed a simple, 10-step-by-step program for developing an accurate conscious, “systematic enlightenment biomonitor” that can be achieved in about one month!

All the Wisdom books reveal to “know thy temple.”

Edgar Casey acknowledged “2024’s time of awakening.” People are sensing something is coming.

This is it: becoming fully conscious of everything in and around you in real-time!

This new advanced scientific system includes biology, ayurvedic medicine, acupressure, quantum physics-displaying parallel dimensions, cosmology, and spirituality.

When properly placed and understood, these basic disciplines automatically develop a highly intuitive state, “our next evolutionary shift!”

Both Dr Oz and Deepak Chopra agree that adapting a new, strong life extension Energy Medicine format dictated by the people is necessary.

Much help is needed, on every level, for this major transition into “Full Conscious Awareness.”

Essentially, we don’t have a choice, especially for the brave, the bold, and the beautiful.

It’s time to take action now if you want to actively participate in this precise alignment of what some people consider our future Heaven on Earth scenario.

Do contact us to collaborate.

Sincerely, at your service,

Dr. Richard L Richman

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