The Power CFO Unveils Power Partners: A Comprehensive Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Staffing & Recruiting Firms

April 02 17:25 2024
Introducing the Power C-Suite Team – Affordable Excellence in Business Management.

In a strategic move aimed at transforming the landscape for small and mid-sized staffing & recruiting businesses, The Power CFO CEO Shane Glavin, proudly announces the launch of the Power C-Suite Power Partners solution. This innovative program goes beyond conventional financial support, introducing a comprehensive, collaborative team that expertly leads sales, marketing, operation and IT at an affordable price.

Renowned for its results-oriented systems, The Power CFO acknowledges the imperative for small and mid-sized staffing & recruiting businesses to access comprehensive, collaborative support beyond traditional financial solutions. With the Power Partners initiative, the company proactively addresses multifaceted challenges organizations face.

“In today’s swiftly evolving economic landscape, small and midsize staffing and recruiting firms face formidable challenges in achieving growth,” commented Glavin. “Amidst this uncertainty, partnering with experts in finance, sales, marketing, operations, and technology becomes not just advantageous, but almost indispensable. Power Partners fills this crucial gap by offering a distinctive fusion of executive expertise, providing invaluable resources tailored to staffing and recruiting firms seeking to elevate their operations. Our unique approach drives growth without the financial burden of hiring a full-time executive team, ensuring cost-effective solutions and sustainable expansion for our clients”

The distinguished group of professionals available through the program, each bring a unique skill set to enhance business performance. The team includes:

* Yvonne McAteer – Outpace Digital Marketing: A key player in digital marketing, Yvonne McAteer brings expertise in amplifying online presence and driving engagement.

* Shannon Kahn – SMK Consulting USA: With a wealth of experience, Shannon Kahn specializes in providing strategic sales consulting services and guiding businesses toward growth and success.

* Bill Ehrmantraut – Strategic Value Partners: Bill Ehrmantraut, with his extensive experience, adds value through strategic operational best practices and workflow enabling businesses to navigate challenges and achieve success.

* Chris Leigeb – Strategic Value Partners: Chris Leigeb contributes to the team, focusing on strategic technology partnerships and value-driven solutions.

* David Boim – DSB Exit Strategy: David Boim’s expertise lies in developing effective exit strategies, ensuring businesses can navigate transitions smoothly and profitably.

Some highlights of the benefits of the Power C-Suite Power Partners program include:

1. Limited Resources, Maximized Impact: The Power C-Suite optimizes costs by providing seasoned professionals on a part-time basis. Its members, including experts in executive compensation strategies, C-suite incentive programs, and executive benefits administration, collaborate to maximize impact and bring enterprise-level advantages to businesses of all sizes.

2. Flexibility in Short-Term Assistance: The dynamic nature of today’s business environment often demands short-term solutions to address specific challenges or projects. The Power C-Suite recognizes this need for agility and offers businesses the flexibility of short-term assistance. This flexibility allows organizations to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances, ensuring that they have the right expertise at the right time to drive success.

3. Tailored Consulting and Strategic Guidance: The Power C-Suite is a reservoir of strategic insight and guidance. Its consulting services encompass executive compensation analysis, benefit design, and benchmarking, ensuring businesses receive bespoke solutions aligned with their unique needs and goals. The Power C-Suite’s expertise extends to strategic guidance in critical development, marketing, and IT areas, positioning it as a comprehensive resource for businesses looking to chart a course for sustainable growth.

4. Holistic Approach for Maximum Impact: The Power C-Suite offers a holistic approach to businesses, transcending traditional silos. The collaboration of experts ensures that businesses receive multifaceted support. This approach is designed to address the intricate interplay of factors influencing a company’s success, from financial considerations to human capital management.

As businesses navigate the complex terrain of today’s competitive landscape, the Power C-Suite is a unique resource to help overcome challenges and achieve sustained growth. This innovative approach is not merely a service, but a strategic partnership developed to help businesses “punch above their weight” and perform their best.

Interested parties are encouraged to explore how the program can revolutionize their operations, delivering tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed even the highest expectations.For further details and to schedule a consultation, please visit

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