Peter Renovations Outlines Tips for Maximizing Storage in a Bathroom Remodel

September 27 08:03 2023
Peter Renovations Outlines Tips for Maximizing Storage in a Bathroom Remodel
Peter Renovations is a premier bathroom remodeling company. In a recent update, the company outlined tips for maximizing storage in a bathroom remodel.

Norridge, IL – In a website post, Peter Renovations outlined tips for maximizing storage in a bathroom remodel.

The experts asserted that integrating built-in storage solutions is an effective way to maximize storage during bathroom remodeling Norridge. This may involve installing recessed shelves, custom-made wall-mounted cabinets and drawers, and other creative solutions. These options provide valuable storage space while allowing tenants to customize the space to fit their needs. An advantage of built-in storage is that it won’t take away from the aesthetic of the bathroom either, making it a great option for those looking to maintain a certain style. 

The bathroom remodeler Norridge said that open shelving is another strategy that can help homeowners maximize storage while undertaking a bathroom remodel. This type of shelving not only allows for extra storage but also provides a vintage look that can add character to a bathroom. Furthermore, open shelving can be used to store bathroom accessories and other decorative items, producing a cohesive design throughout the space. 

The bathroom remodeling contractor Norridge added that multi-purpose furniture is an important way to maximize storage in a bathroom remodel. This type of furniture eliminates the need for two separate pieces, making optimal use of the available space. Many different materials, sizes, and styles are available, giving homeowners multiple options when it comes to customizing their space.

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