AASOKA Offers Outstanding Learning and Teaching Solutions in India

September 06 05:11 2023

AASOKA is a top edtech platform that aims to offer a research-based customized curriculum solution for students of K-12. Over the years, it has been a reliable assistant to several educational institutions in availing customized solutions to transform into technology-enabled schools. With strong roots in EdTech, educational assets and academic research, they have a significant presence in the field of education. Thus, it is capable of availing learner-centric teaching resources that enable facilitators and educators to ensure effective teaching practices.

Blended education is an approach to learning that generally combines face-to-face and online instruction. It provides students with a more effective and flexible learning experience. This type of education keeps students more motivated and engaged than traditional classroom instructions as it offers learners multiple learning activities and opportunities to interact with their classmates and teachers. It is cost-effective as it reduces the amount of resources and time required for face-to-face instruction. Those looking for reliable blended learning solutions can consider downloading our app.

Wondering where to find the best online learning platforms in India? AASOKA is one of the leading online learning platforms that has made its educational resources affordable and accessible for every child and empowers schools nationwide. It has established a significant presence in the education sector. The platform has several exceptional features like adaptive testing, deep analytics, multimedia content, experiential learning among others. The platform is committed to offering users academic support and resources and detailed analysis, including a graphical representation of overall performance, the average time taken per question, and subject-wise evaluation reports.

Ms. Monica Malhotra Kandhari, MD AASOKA stated, “Our platform typically generates comprehensive data on various areas of school operations, teaching techniques, and student performance. Schools can use data to make data-driven decisions. The data can also help the institutions to avail specialized support to students and improve the general standard of classroom instruction.”

AASOKA offers outstanding hybrid learning solutions. It was created by specialists who deeply understand the unique needs and challenges various schools face. Thus, the platform can provide services that meet every school’s specific requirements. Over the years, it has helped numerous schools build stronger communities, improve student learning outcomes, and create a brighter future for educators and students. The platform is compatible with several devices, including laptops, smart devices, and desktops. It employs a personalized approach to education to enable students to learn at their own pace. Those wanting to contact a learning platform in India can consider contacting the platform’s support team.


AASOKA offers the best learning and teaching solutions in India. It was created to meet the various requirements of teaching and learning management. Over the years, the platform has served more than 50,000 teachers and over 6,50,000 students. With the platform, users can be sure of getting unlimited access to multimedia content, e-books, practice tests and more.

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