Cybersecurity platform EdgeWatch Helps Companies Visualize External Attack Surfaces and Bolster Security Measures for Free

March 17 18:11 2023

The company is on a mission to make the internet safe and is also a gold sponsor at CloudFest 2023.

With the global cost of cybercrime expected to rise to an astonishing $23.84 trillion by 2027, companies across the planet are worried about the safety of their digital infrastructure. This is where EdgeWatch, a reputable cyber security firm, is trying to make a difference. The company enables firms to visualize their external attack surface so they can adopt a more proactive approach to overcoming potential weaknesses in their digital supply chain. Moreover, they have a completely free tier that helps businesses identify and fix vulnerabilities without incurring any cost.

This commitment to a safer internet saw them raise funding from the European Union. To raise awareness about the free service that many businesses don’t know about, EdgeWatch will be a gold partner in CloudFest 2023 and be available to answer all questions in their booth.

Taking to the media, a spokesperson for the company said, “We are passionate about creating a safe internet for every business, which is why we are proud to be sponsoring the World’s number one Cloud Industry Conference. Over there, we will be educating businesses about how advanced external attack surface visualization can help companies simulate real-world attack scenarios that hackers can plot against them. This helps IT teams to close the gap between automated scanning and point-in-time penetration testing and always be one step ahead. Under the free plan, on each IP address that is shared, companies can get an automatic monthly scan and security assessment for one or hundreds of domain names”.

Their EdgeWatch Platform discovery engine gives users a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the external digital footprint so they can understand the threats external dependencies such as network ports, services, and vulnerable websites pose.

The spokesperson went on to add, “Our team of security engineers go the extra mile when it comes to protecting digital assets for businesses. We designed the platform after seeing a gap in the market. The discovery engine continually iterates through every link, connection, DNS reference, embedded code, to keep their network attack surfaces secure and clean”.

Using their services, businesses can manage their compliance with different standards such as the ISO 27001, European GDPR, Netherlands BIR 2012, Germany IT-Grundschutz, and HIPAA Compliance from a single platform. Thanks to their services, companies in diverse industries have been able to avoid the destruction of data, protect against intellectual property theft, and avoid crippling financial losses, operational downtime, and a PR disaster.

The firm offers a range of packages, from basic assessments in basic terms that are sufficient for almost all use cases to comprehensive audits that meet the needs of professional firms, agencies, and enterprises. 

People interested in learning more about their attack surface management services or want to get a free scan can visit their website today. They can also visit Booth #R08 on CloudFest 2023.

About the company

EdgeWatch was founded by Occentus Network, a reputable privately held technology company of global repute that offers services, products, services, and solutions in diverse sectors such as public administration, media, telecom, e-commerce, industry, and cybersecurity. The company has an experience of more than 15 years and is a pioneer in establishing good practices in Data Centres communications. The EdgeWatch trademark is registered in USA, Europe, and UK.

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