2.8 times valuation of Belem exchange’s M&A, Belem exchange launched 100% deposit rebate program

February 27 18:58 2023

According to a Reuters report, world-renowned investment companies are in contact with BELEM, a crypto trading platform, and have issued a merger invitation to BELEM Exchange. The current valuation has reached 2.8 times. The media claimed that the two parties have reached an agreement in principle, and the preliminary review of the BELEM exchange will be launched next, including the operating status of the BELEM exchange, the rights and interests of the exchange, the current fiscal and taxation status, exchange assets, and internal circulation assets.

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The investment company said that through the BELEM exchange, you can enter the global capital market and contact global investors, expand the encrypted asset business to achieve strategic growth, and help companies achieve a higher industry status in the encryption industry, and the BELEM exchange can also provide more Currency types, accelerate the completion of global layout, and become the second US stock exchange in the world.

According to market analysts, the BELEM exchange is known for its wide variety of currencies and is currently one of the most active encrypted asset platforms in the world. Since its establishment, the market share of BELEM Exchange has been gradually increasing, with an average daily transaction volume of hundreds of millions of dollars and enjoys a good reputation and reputation in the industry. According to the CoinMarketCap transaction rankings, after the news that BELEM received the M&A invitation was released, the multiple new coins issued by the BELEM exchange ushered in a strong rise again. It is estimated that investors who hold the coins issued by BELEM will receive millions income.

With multiple benefits, BELEM Exchange launched a special limited-time event on February 24, 2023 – 100% deposit rebate, bringing wealth to over 8 million investors on the platform. During the event, platform investors can recharge to get the same number of rebates. The more recharges, the more rebates. For detailed rules of the event, please refer to the official website of BELEM Exchange.

Since its establishment in 2017, BELEM Exchange has experienced important processes such as capital investment, launching multi-language versions to open global transactions, launching the main network of the public chain, landing blockchain applications, and launching a global partner plan. It has grown into a global trading platform A comprehensive encrypted asset trading platform with a large share, holding financial regulatory licenses in many countries and regions such as the MSB financial license in the United States, the MAS license in Singapore, and the MSB license in Canada, providing currency transactions for 120 countries and over 8 million investors around the world, C2C, OTC, asset management and other one-stop digital asset financial services.

As far as the current encryption industry is concerned, there are very few exchanges that really value technology, and BELEM Exchange is a very representative one, which is also the key to attracting international investment giants. The core members of the BELEM exchange are early investors in encrypted assets. Most of the technical teams come from Google, Oracle, Citigroup and other top 500 Internet financial venture capital companies. They have rich experience, technical accumulation and knowledge reserves, and provide investors with safe, convenient and high-quality Serve. The founder and CEO of BELEM Exchange, Micheal, publicly stated, “The future global crypto market will be open and diverse. BELEM will join hands with investment giants to provide global investors with encrypted asset transactions based on blockchain technology. All localities can create and share value to build a new world of crypto trading services with a global vision and international resources.”

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