Setareh Law Group Offers Expert Legal Counsel on Workplace Discrimination in California

February 27 23:11 2023

SETAREH LAW GROUP is a law firm representing employees against the biggest companies. They have a track record of success going toe-to-toe against some of the largest companies in California, and these firms know that they will do anything to achieve success for the employees they represent. In fact, all the attorneys at the law firm have dedicated their entire legal careers to helping individuals who have been victimized by negligence or the wrongful conduct of their employers. Thus, clients should expect nothing but exceptional legal service from the law firm. Typically, the law firm never hesitates to go to trial.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “Disability discrimination occurs when employers treat an applicant or employee less favorably because they have a history of a physical disability. Such an employee is protected from discrimination in the workplace and must be treated fairly. California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act uses a broad definition of disability to include myriad disorders, conditions, or diseases to protect workers from disability.”

Workplace discrimination cases are typically some of the serious allegations, which is why companies have a legal team to advise them on how to protect their business interest from that. This also implies that when an employee is considering filing a workplace discrimination claim, they need to be represented by a top Los Angeles discrimination lawyer who will provide aggressive representation to take on large companies. At SETAREH LAW GROUP, they have a team of professional discrimination attorneys who pursue cases with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), California law in mind, and in both state and federal courts. They deliver zealous representation for victims of various workplace discrimination, including wrongful termination, racial discrimination, workplace harassment, disability discrimination, and more. So far, they have won millions of dollars in compensation for clients who were working in Los Angeles,  Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Long Beach.

The company spokesperson added, “So, a case of an employee who is treated less favorably because of them being mentally impaired that is not transitory or minor falls under workplace discrimination. The Family Medical Leave Act requires an employer to always accommodate an employee because they must care for family members with disability.”

Typically, SETAREH LAW GROUP offers a free consultation session with their renowned Los Angeles discrimination attorney. During the consultation session, the attorneys usually make use of that session to explain to their clients their rights under both the state and federal law on their employment. Additionally, clients can also ask any question they would want answers to about California labor law. And since discrimination cases usually involve sensitive information, the attorneys at the law firm are some of the great discrimination attorneys in California who uphold clients’ confidentiality. Thus, clients can trust them when they share sensitive details with them. In fact, they always have clients’ best interests at heart throughout their entire discrimination case. So, clients should let the team at the law firm fight for them and get the justice they deserve under both California employment law and federal law.


SETAREH LAW GROUP is a law firm committed to protecting the rights of clients harmed by employers who engage in unlawful conduct. They successfully handle workplace discrimination cases.

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