What Materials And Types Of Body Film Are Available

February 15 12:14 2023

Body packaging film by material: PE body film, PVC body packaging film, PET body film, PP body film, PLA body film, OPS body filmVacuum packaging film by application: food vacuum packaging film (food lamination film) and non-food lamination filmFood vacuum lamination film (food lamination film) can be divided into: cold meat lamination film (cold meat vacuum lamination film), beef lamination film (beef lamination film), steak lamination film (steak lamination film), lamb lamination film (lamb lamination film), seafood lamination film (seafood vacuum lamination film), aquatic products lamination film (aquatic products lamination film), seafood vacuum lamination film (seafood lamination film), ham lamination film, etc.

Seafood cold meat and beef lamination filmNon-food packaging films include: automotive water tank radiator vacuum lamination blister packaging film, circuit board vacuum lamination packaging PE film, magnetic core vacuum blister lamination packaging film, hardware products lamination film, saw blade drill lamination film, lighting hardware lamination film, furniture hardware lamination film, screw parts lamination packaging film, etc.Packaging process (vacuum packaging process principle): the product will be placed on a special base plate (cardboard, bubble film, or plastic sheet / tray), so that the product covered with special packaging film or Sarin film, in the body of the packaging machine heating and vacuum tightly against the surface of the product, and sealed with the base plate.

By the body packaging products, both by good protection, but also to show its natural form and appearance.Application areas of body-packing (scope of application)1. Non-food products: hardware products (furniture hardware, decorative hardware, etc.), work tools (drill bits, saw blades, etc.), stationery, electronic parts (such as circuit boards, magnetic cores, small transformers, electronic copper, etc.), toys, auto/motorcycle parts (such as brake pads, water tank radiators, etc.), sports equipment/furniture parts, pneumatic/hydraulic parts, handicrafts, ceramics/glass products, etc.

It mainly plays the role of industrial protection packaging or commercial visual display packaging.2. Foodstuffs: such as fresh meat, fish, aquatic products (mussels, shrimp, oysters, etc.), poultry, pet food, etc. These foodstuffs not only have a good visual display effect after being packaged by the body, but also have a long shelf life and are convenient to eat.


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