Author Barbara Boehm Miller’s Debut Novel, “When You See Her,” Is an Immersive Page-Turner That Explores the True Meaning of Acceptance

February 13 20:43 2023
Author Barbara Boehm Miller’s Debut Novel, "When You See Her," Is an Immersive Page-Turner That Explores the True Meaning of Acceptance
“When You See Her” is Barbara Boehm Miller’s first novel and her tribute to marginalized people everywhere. Miller’s main character, Sarah, faces extreme difficulties as her weight limits not only her freedom, but also her opportunities. Miller’s novel depicts life as so many know it and offers readers a detailed look into what it means to deal with physical limitations.

“Miller’s dialogue is masterful, and she writes with great authority.” ~ Literary Titan 5-Star Review

Barbara Boehm Miller’s breakout novel When You See Her takes readers on a gripping emotional journey as they follow the plight of Wisconsin native Sarah. Sarah’s life is far from typical. Her weight prevents her from accomplishing even mundane tasks, not to mention establishing a career. Accepting the only option available to her, she joins the carnival, changes her name, and moves on with a new life. Miller’s work addresses the heartbreaks and triumphs of the marginalized. Jennifer Ryan, international bestselling author of The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir, describes Miller’s entry into the world of fiction as a “…dramatic, yet heartwarming…dazzling debut.”

When You See Her was recently awarded the Gold Literary Titan Book Award in February 2023. The Literary Titan Gold Award is bestowed on books that Literary Titan found to be perfect in their delivery of original content, meticulous development of unique characters in a striking setting, and elegant prose. In Literary Titan’s editorial review of the book, they said, “When You See Her is a story that is well-written, gripping, and emotionally charged.”

“I was delighted by the nostalgic tidbits of 1970s culture and music sprinkled throughout.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review.

About the Book:

Set in the late 1970s, When You See Her explores what it means to be both visible and invisible, simultaneously desired and reviled, while carving out a space in a too-small world. Main character, Sarah, wants nothing more than to blend in, lead a normal life, and escape her abusive brother. Weighing 500 lbs., Sarah is severely limited in both education and career opportunities. When Sarah commits an unthinkable act, she runs away with the carnival to escape the consequences of her actions. Leaving home and venturing down this new path, Sarah changes her name to Lola Rolls and begins performing in the sideshow. Over time, Lola forms lasting friendships and learns to look at herself in an entirely new light.

“We all long to be seen exactly as we are; this novel isn’t afraid to look.” ~ Julia Rocchi, author of Amen?: Questions for a God I Hope Exists

About the Author:

Barbara Boehm Miller enjoys writing about secret societies and marginalized people as she strives to create desperate and unsavory characters who, nonetheless, appeal to readers. Miller earned her Master of Arts in Writing from Johns Hopkins University and has had several short fiction pieces published in literary journals. Barbara has also worked for many years as a translator of Romance languages into English and has published a series of translations, primarily in the field of children’s rights. She has lived in Costa Rica, France, Mexico, and Spain and, at present, serves as a senior diplomatic translator for the U.S. Department of State. When not writing, reading, or working, Barbara likes to spend time with her inspiring husband, twin daughters, and her sweet brown dog. When You See Her is Miller’s first novel.

“An extremely powerful story of a young girl finding herself in a world in which she literally and figuratively does not fit.” ~ Amazon 5-Star Review

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