Limited Free Mint Of Mutanthounds NFTs Are Up For Grab For The Passionate Crypto Community

January 24 07:23 2023

The announcement comes as the project celebrates its bright start to the new year.

Founders of Mutanthounds, a unique and highly sought-after NFT project, are excited to announce the launch of limited free mints for their passionate crypto community. The free mint will give members of the public who missed out earlier the chance to own one or did not follow the project from the start to get their hands on one of the company’s highly coveted Mutanthounds NFTs at zero cost. According to the project owners, this will be a gift for their followers for the New Year and get their collection off to a bright start.

The project has the backing of the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and has gotten a lot of traction in a short amount of time. The multi-round mint series began just a few weeks ago with the Genesis Oath from 14th December onwards. 

There is a cap of 10,000 Mutant Collars, which oath holders such as from the BAYC, Genesis BAKC, and MAYC are already minting within the stipulated 24 hours. 

A representative for the project said, “We are excited about this project and want to share its potential with more people. With other projects, members would need a lot of gas money to finish the minting process. That’s why we decided to be more open and accessible. We urge everyone to get started with it today.” The limited free mint will feature a selection of the company’s most popular Mutanthounds NFTs, including highly sought-after and rare mutant hounds.

The project’s unique features include that it is a lore-based NFT with compelling storytelling that keeps everyone engaged. It also is a Sister project to the Mutant Cartel, which gives the holders access to the Mutant Cartel Community Hub & Commerce Platform. Members can access discounts and future exclusives on the Mutant Fence – IRL and digital events. Moreover, the content creators have democratized the story creation process, and people can guide the course of the story.

To participate in the free mint, visit the website to get more insights into this project. People can direct their queries to the email below for more questions regarding the project.

About Mutant Cartel

The Mutant Cartel is a storytelling/narrative-based and community-driven project for Mutant Ape (an offshoot) NFT holders. The Cartel is autonomous and entirely independent of the MAYC projects. However, fans of the Yuga Multiverse and BAYC/MAYC can find much value in the project –

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