The Green Living Guy Collaborates With Evertreen in the Creation of a Global Forest

January 24 04:36 2023
The Green Living Guy Collaborates With Evertreen in the Creation of a Global Forest

Time and again, individuals who are incredibly committed to their advocacies have shown how much of a difference their drive and dedication can make. Heavily determined to create a positive impact on the lives of others, these luminaries have become the driving force behind numerous revolutionary movements and transformative events. One of those who have been going the extra mile to leave a meaningful mark on the world is Seth Leitman, an esteemed visionary more prominently known as The Green Living Guy. 

On a mission to save the planet, Seth Leitman addressed himself to the challenge of starting a movement that would encourage others to take an active part in preserving nature and its valuable resources. Immensely fueled by the desire to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders expand their ventures in a sustainable way, he founded The Green Living Guy Productions—a green living concierge service that promotes the integration of more ecologically friendly services into the daily operations of enterprises worldwide. 

Built around the pillars of business, innovation, and sustainability, The Green Living Guy Productions is known for offering video, flogging, blogging, and social media services. At the heart of his company’s vision lies the belief that entrepreneurial success can be attained through sustainable and ecological methods. 

Proving to be unstoppable at his game, The Green Living Guy has partnered with Evertreen to further strengthen his efforts in saving the planet. Together, they are building and creating a global forest by planting trees in nine countries. On top of that, they are also increasing the working hours in those said countries while reducing carbon emissions in different parts of the globe. 

Aside from being one of the foremost advocates of making sustainable and ecological choices, Seth Leitman is also acknowledged for being a trailblazing force in the realm of technology and entrepreneurship. As a matter of fact, his innovative flair and revolutionary contributions have catapulted him to the forefront of the industry, making him one of the most acclaimed visionaries. Today, he is making significant waves not only as a green living consultant but also as an electric car expert. Moreover, he is a member of the International Motor Press Association and the president of the local Electric Vehicle Association.

In an interview, he revealed that his deep concern for the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest compelled him to do something about the planet’s deterioration. “Now, I am helping reforest the Amazon,” he passionately shared. “I want people to know that they can help save the planet by donating and contributing to the reforestation of the world,” The Green Living Guy added. 

As can be gleaned from his genuine and purpose-driven efforts, The Green Living Guy intends to reach even more impressive heights in his movement toward sustainability. In the coming years, he hopes to have already made a significant impact on the environment, along with those who will join him in his journey of preserving the planet and saving it from further destruction and damage.

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