In this Deeply Personal Book, K.C. Bernard Shares a Tumultuous Journey From Victimhood to Freedom

January 24 03:06 2023
In this Deeply Personal Book, K.C. Bernard Shares a Tumultuous Journey From Victimhood to Freedom

It is not the dialogue, setting, or even the plot – but the characters in a book that readers associate themselves with the most, as they identify with those characters, based on their own perspectives and experiences. That recognition allows readers to be drawn into the world of the characters through the words on each page and connect with them on a personal level.

An Ordinary Life revolves around the story of a child, K.C, who was always radiant and confident and didn’t shy away from showing people how amazing she was. However, as she grew older and things around her began to change, so did she. A child who was once confident and brave became quiet and withdrawn. It didn’t help that the environment at her home wasn’t nurturing either. With an abusive father, an uncaring mother, and acquaintances looking for an opportunity to take advantage of her, K.C began to lose her childhood innocence and disassociated herself from her reality until she gathered the strength to take control and heal from past traumas. Her experiences and the effects of surviving sexual abuse are reflected in great detail in An Ordinary Life. She narrates the true story of living through a nightmare childhood, finding her voice, and navigating through traumatic memories to heal from a painful past.

By sharing her own awe-inspiring journey of survival and freedom, K.C inspires her readers to keep pushing forward in the face of difficulty and seek courage and strength, not in the people around but within.

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Book Name: An Ordinary Life: With Extraordinary Moments

Author: K C Bernard

Book Description: In this deeply personal book, K.C. Bernard shares her tumultuous journey from victimhood to freedom.Weaving excerpts from her journals into her writing, Bernard draws us into a child’s nightmare, repressed memories and an unspeakable secret. With the help of a small inner circle, Bernard navigates her way through the maze of betrayal and pain and frees herself from the chains of the past.This story is about the power of finding one’s voice after having been silent for a lifetime.

ISBN: 978-1915852816

Formats: Paperback

Publishing Date: December 16, 2022

Price: $14.99

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