Luxury fashion lifestyle brand Westbury Museum spotlights its Art, Furniture, and Scented collection.

January 24 02:42 2023
Westbury Museum retails and produces luxury products with a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

The luxury fashion and lifestyle space continue to grow as more brands introduce new products, and access to these products becomes easier for customers. Thanks to online shopping, customers can now access global brands. Westbury Museum, a classic luxury fashion lifestyle brand, is determined to close the geographical gap between luxury brands and customers. The lifestyle brand has adopted a proactive growth strategy, introducing rare products and collections to cater to consumer needs. Westbury Museum offers customers unique and versatile products.

Westbury Museum opened its doors in 2019, retailing and producing luxury products that ship globally. The upscale lifestyle brand offers aesthetic and utility designer products from Italy, the UK, the USA, and Europe. Westbury Museum was created as a brand that prioritizes customer needs.

Following its success since its launch, Westbury Museum has expanded its lifestyle collections to include art, furniture, and luxury-scented products at LiftedCo. With the release of innovative collections, Westbury Museum is committed to expansion to reach new customers and is excited to continue sharing its growing collection of luxury products.


On Westbury lifestyle, customers can find a vast collection of Lifestyle products. The luxurious top-range products provide a stylish way to live and make life more convenient and enjoyable. Westbury features floor planters, designer couches, counters, coffee tables, and other home furnishings.

Home Furniture, Decor and Art

Westbury boasts a sophisticated collection featuring a bold combination of contemporary art and decorative pieces. The brand offers customers a wide selection of various art forms and pieces that speak to consumer needs, perfect for their homes or office spaces.


LiftedCo is a luxury-scented brand for those with an adventurous spirit for scented products, from candles, sprays, bath oils, and more. Bringing the beauty, comfort, and timelessness of delicately designed scented products to Westbury Museum with its exciting range of luxury scents. “From the tantalizing aroma of sandalwood, honey, tonka bean, and other delightful scents, our scented products are perfect for creating a warm, sophisticated and inviting atmosphere in your home. They make great gifts too.”

With Valentine’s Day drawing close, the LiftedCo shop offers the ultimate luxury sensory experience with its new Valentine’s specials. These products make the perfect gifts for partners on a special day. Customers can take advantage of the running sales and keep up with new releases on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok as well as the Westbury Museum and LiftedCo. Websites.

Westbury Museum products stand out for their style, versatility and quality– making them unique and durable but also affordable. The premium luxury home and decor, art, and scented products combine supreme comfort and value for money.

In addition to being a renowned luxury fashion and lifestyle brand, the company gives back to the community. Westbury Museum donates a percentage of its sales to its non-profit partners who support various causes like advancing communities, improving the planet, and providing opportunities for career development.

Visit Westbury Museum to browse its growing luxury collections and designer partnerships.

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