Bob the Pillow Specialty Sleep Association Vegas Debut

January 23 20:03 2023
Bob the Pillow Specialty Sleep Association Vegas Debut
Bob The Pillow

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Matthew Burwick brings Bob the Pillow to this year’s Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) Las Vegas conference and Winter Market from January 29th-February 2nd. Each year, companies spend a busy week presenting their innovative sleep products to prospective buyers in the Specialty Sleep Association’s bustling showroom, and Burwick is eager to introduce his life-changing invention.

The inspiration for Bob the Pillow has roots in Burwick’s childhood. When he was only six years old, a neighbor noticed his limp. Extensive x-rays led to a diagnosis of Legg Perthes disease and months in a full-body cast. Burwick emerged from the cast with a functional hip but legs of two different lengths. Though the discrepancy was under an inch, it led to years of joint pain and an orthopedic journey to find solutions. In addition to heel lifts, chiropractic visits, low-intensity exercises, and surgeries, Burwick’s physicians recommended sleeping with a pillow between his legs.

Burwick tried dozens of leg pillows, but all had some flaw that kept him tossing and turning at night. After a rough night of sleep during the pandemic, he approached his friend and future co-founder with furniture foam and a hot glue gun.  

“Our first attempts at Bob the Pillow were hilarious,” admits Burwick. “but in less than 12 weeks, we had a 3D-printed prototype for a pillow that would stay in place and keep people on their sides. Today, I’m thrilled every time a customer lets me know they wake up pain-free and rested because of Bob.”

The SSA was founded in 1995 to “promote the full spectrum of bedding solutions.” While specialty bedding options were far less mainstream at the time, the sector claims the fastest-growing category in today’s bedding space. The Winter Market’s Las Vegas showroom in Building C1565 provides a venue for distributors to introduce innovative sleep products to retail bedding stores and is always one of the most crowded showrooms during the Furniture Market.

About Bob the Pillow

Bob the Pillow offers a more versatile leg pillow than anything currently on the market. Its creators, Matthew Burwick and Ryan Mills, both suffer from chronic pain that constantly interrupts sleep. Both had purchased a plethora of orthopedic pillows, but none alleviated hip, knee, and back pain while comfortably promoting the proper side sleep position. Bob the Pillow sets itself apart from other orthopedic pillows by fitting between the legs to provide appropriate anatomical alignment. Bob allows for full range of motion, full leg support, and excellent airflow and has corrective elements to keep sleepers in the proper side sleeping position all night long.

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