Revolutionizing the pre-dental process: introducing Guideology, a new and unique platform for pre-dental students

January 17 22:10 2023
Guideology: a simple and affordable platform that helps students pursue dental school. The online platform includes a 50-page guidebook, progress tracking software, 1-on-1 mentoring with students and advisors, personal statement editing, mock interviews, a student community forum, and more. All are included with their annual membership costing $80.

Guideology is a unique platform that aims to assist pre-dental students in achieving their goal of attending dental school. The platform was created by dental student Saed Steeve Sayegh from Midwestern University in Chicago, who realized the need for affordable and organized guidance for students applying to dental school.

The platform offers an extensive 50-page guide covering all four years as an undergraduate student, tailored explicitly to the pre-dental field, and compiles all the information, school statistics, and templates students need to succeed in every step of the process. This includes their undergraduate studies, volunteering & shadowing, entrance exams, applications, interviews, and so much more.

Furthermore, the platform offers a feature to record progress throughout the four years of undergraduate studies, allowing students to record their hours, plan courses, save chosen schools, update application status, and much more. This section is also tailored to mimic the real dental school application to act as a mock application for students. This helps ensure they know what to expect and are well prepared to apply early and increase their odds of getting accepted.

The platform also has a support team of dental students and advisors that are dedicated to supporting pre-dental students throughout the process. The mentoring team is available to answer any questions or concerns students may have via live chat, email, or even a zoom meeting. Mentors are always available to meet with students 1 on 1 to discuss and plan their pathway to dental school. This support team will help to make the process easier and more manageable for students.

In addition, the platform also offers additional affordable services for Guideology members who require further assistance with the application and interview process. These services include mock interviews, personal statement editing, and more. With these extra services, students can be sure they have everything they need to stand out from the competition and increase their chances of getting into dental school. With the services being priced at $79, it’s hard not to take advantage of the opportunity.

Furthermore, the platform also has a student community forum where students can interact with one another and share their experiences, ask questions, and communicate with each other. This student community forum is an essential aspect of the platform. It allows students to learn from one another and feel a sense of support and camaraderie throughout the process.

With all these resources and services available in one place, pre-dental students can feel confident that they are properly prepared for the rigorous process that is pursuing dental school. In addition, students who have used the platform reported being very satisfied with the results, with over 90% of students reporting at least one acceptance during their first application cycle.

In conclusion, Guideology is a unique, affordable, and beneficial platform for pre-dental students. It offers an extensive guide, a mentoring team, additional services, progress-tracking software, a student community forum, and various other resources and services, all tailored to the pre-dental field. With the platform’s help, students can increase their chances of getting into dental school and achieving their goal of becoming a dentist. The platform is easy to use and provides students with everything they need to succeed, which makes it the best and only choice for pre-dental students.

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