Murat Kilic Returns From America With A Wonderful Award

January 10 22:15 2023

Famous Turkish female hairdresser Murat Kılıç came to the fore with his wonderful hair designs and pioneering hair ideas and continued to add a new one to his awards. Murat Kılıç, who was previously awarded by important phenomena of the field from Turkey and Europe, received a new award from the USA. An organization that includes experts in the field of hair designs and is sponsored by the important brands of the country, gave Murat Kılıç the “Best hair designer of the year” award. Adding a new one to his awards, Murat Kılıç summarized this wonderful day as follows: “If women knew that the secret of beauty is in their hair, they would never want to leave the hairdressers. However, they prefer aesthetic centers first. The order must change and women seek the formula of true magic at the right hairdressers”.

Murat Kılıç had previously received awards in the field of hair design and women’s hair suggestions in various organizations. However, Murat Kılıç, who stated that the award he received from the USA has a different meaning, said, “I am honored to receive this award, which I have determined as one of the peak points of my life. I have been to the USA many times before, but I have a special excitement to come for this purpose”.

Of course, it’s nice to receive an award, but more importantly, to have the same spirit with women.

Stating that women’s hairdressing should never be seen as a profession, the famous lady hairdresser stated that one of the most important philosophies of life is to meet a woman at the same point and to carry the same spirit from this point. According to Murat Kılıç, the same point with a woman is undoubtedly the perfect hair. And he believes that they have been able to achieve this so far.

Murat Kılıç, who also thanked the organizations and individuals who gave awards for the awards, said, “The important thing is not to receive an award, but the meaning of that award and the meaning of this award is really deep for me.” Murat Kılıç added that he will not break his line for new awards and will create wonders with women. Asked what his next goal is, Kılıç said, “My next goal is not a new award or a new country; to make more women happy with the most accurate hair designs.”

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