Holistic Health: A Natural Pathway to Optimal Wellness

January 05 20:30 2023
Optimal Wellness Naturally is revolutionizing traditional health by adopting an alternative and personalized approach to health and wellness. With a focus on holistic health, it aims to transform feelings of stress, fatigue, and anxiety based on the root cause and using a natural, whole-person approach.

The current healthcare system is burdened with high demand, plus time and insurance constraints, necessitating a focus on symptom management. As a result, treatment is often the use of prescription medication to relieve symptoms rather than the exploration of underlying causes. While this approach has its place, more and more people have turned towards alternative medicine and holistic health to address their needs. 

Many people have become awakened to the benefits of receiving and adopting natural remedies for their illnesses. When the founder of Optimal Wellness Naturally, Elana Mundorff established her company, she took it upon herself to build a company that is rooted in the foundation of supporting her clients and transforming their mood through a root-cause identification and whole-person approach. She delivers this through her one-on-one multidimensional coaching sessions. 

Elana Mundorff is a health and wellness coach specializing in mental health and has over 20 years of experience as a practicing psychotherapist. As someone who has experienced the unsettling feeling of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue, and countless unfruitful visits to various specialists, Elana made it her mission to offer support to others going through a similar journey—and she does this through an individualized health plan. 

This plan is designed and developed using a unique combination of homeopathy, functional medicine, mental health skills, and education. Elana’s multi-faceted approach aims to motivate, educate, and inspire clients to make the required lifestyle adjustments to achieve real and lasting improvements in their mental and physical health. 

With expertise as a psychotherapist and a journey through stress, depression, and anxiety, Elana is able to connect and understand clients on a deeper level. She dedicates her time to listen empathetically to her clients and uprooting issues contributing to their struggles, tapping into the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Wellness is addressed from all angles in her coaching sessions. It includes mindset, lifestyle, food choices, detox, and information gathered from functional lab testing. The whole-person approach allows the body to rebalance itself, resulting in mental clarity, increased energy, and improved mood. 

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Optimal Wellness Naturally is designed for women who have exhausted all attempts at traditional medicine and have had disappointing outcomes, leading them to a desire to decrease their reliance on and avoid medications. The coaching service includes a 3-month all-inclusive program, mindset coaching, lifestyle reset, and a ‘food for mood’ plan. It also offers a personalized supplement plan, biweekly one-on-one sessions, functional labs, and unlimited text support. The functional labs help to uncover deficiencies and individualize supplement plans. 

Women choosing to embark on this high-level one-on-one coaching will be supported in addressing changes they want to make, issues they have struggled with, and what they have tried to do to resolve their struggles. It is for women tired of feeling overwhelmed, worried and unhappy who are ready and motivated to create sustainable results in their mood and energy through a natural approach, all from the comfort of their home. 

Optimal Wellness Naturally is committed to supporting its client’s health journey. It offers a step-by-step guide with continuous support so clients can achieve peak mental, physical, and emotional health. 

About the Company: 

Founded by Health and Wellness Coach Elana Mundorff, Optimal Wellness Naturally was established to transform the moods of people through a natural and holistic approach. The company does this by providing individualized and personalized one-on-one multidimensional coaching sessions. Its root-cause and whole-person approach is suited for women of all ages experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, brain fog, and fatigue.

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