GreatWhip Launches Food Grade Whipped Cream Dispenser for Home and Retail at Wholesale Prices.

January 05 05:16 2023
GreatWhip Launches Food Grade Whipped Cream Dispenser for Home and Retail at Wholesale Prices.
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For many people, the holidays are all about indulgence—and there’s no better way to go all out than with a decadent dessert that can’t be beaten. This high-capacity whip cream dispenser allows people to easily create the perfect whipped cream for any dessert by allowing you to control the thickness of the cream, from light and fluffy to dense and stiff. The dispenser is made of stainless steel and features a simple design that makes it easy to use and clean.

The GreatWhip brand is a specialty whipped cream dispenser near me that produces some of the highest quality whipped cream dispensers on the market. “GreatWhip has models that fit in your refrigerator door or stand freely on the countertop—both are equally good options if you want to keep things nice and cold before serving. But even if you leave it out, it doesn’t matter because this dispenser seals tightly to keep any moisture out and prevent bacteria growth. The stainless steel body is durable and built to last through years of use at home or in a restaurant.” said a store spokesperson. “To use the dispenser, first fill it with 8-gram N20 whip cream chargers—you can choose from several different flavors, such as sweet or raspberry, or you can choose no flavor at all. After you have your charger inside, place the lid on securely so that your whipped cream doesn’t leak out as you’re using it. Just press down on the plunger of the dispenser to release your whipped cream! If you want, you can also add other ingredients like chocolate shavings or adornments like sprinkles, but this dispenser works perfectly well on its own for creating light and airy whipped cream just right for adding to coffee or tea, or layering on top of cakes,” add a store representative.

The GreatWhip cream dispenser does not come with cream chargers, so order 8 grams of N20 cream chargers separately. This model uses a standard 8-gram gas canister. One canister has enough gas for about 40 squirts of whipped cream, which is about 48 servings if you use about a teaspoon per serving. This dispenser does not work with other types of canisters, such as CO2 canisters or nitrous oxide cartridges. Most stores that sell kitchen supplies and many other stores that sell home appliances have nitrous oxide for sale.

The GreatWhip cream dispenser is very easy to set up. Users only had to remove the release trigger and screw on the charger with N20 cream. It’s great that this product allows users to use either GreatWhip brand cream chargers or other brands of 8-gram N20 chargers. The product features two charging compartments to accommodate two types of chargers. For more information, please visit

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