Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation Discusses Raw Versus Heated Methods and Chinese Medicine

January 04 08:04 2023
Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation Discusses Raw Versus Heated Methods and Chinese Medicine
“Both methods have benefits.”
Clients with access to a Doctor of Chinese Medicine can request specific herbs for placenta encapsulation

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – January 4, 2023 – Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation owner Meriah Davis is shedding light on two forms of methods used for her services. 

Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation provides the leading San Diego service for transforming placenta tissue into digestible capsules, and Davis says that her clients come from all walks of life. Because of her own research, knowledge, and experience, and because of the varying preferences of her clients, Davis offers both raw and heated capsule methods.

If placenta tissue can be prepared within 24 hours of birthing, the raw method can be used. In this method, processing temperatures are kept below 118 degrees Fahrenheit at all times to preserve the nutrients. The only exception to this temperature is the first four hours of dehydration when temperatures must be at 160 degrees. The raw method yields a nutrient and hormone-dense capsule, but this method isn’t recommended for clients with health histories of anxiety, jitters, insomnia, or bipolar disorder. 

The heated method is the actual Chinese Medicine version requiring steaming or heating the placenta alone or with ginger. According to Davis, clients who have access to a Doctor of Chinese Medicine can obtain a special formulation of herbs that can be used in their placenta encapsulation to offer dual benefits. These herbs could potentially be customized to fit the client’s needs based on their diet, lifestyle, health history, and the type of birth they had.

Chinese Medicine is very specific to pregnant mothers, noting that they should rest and reduce stress. For postpartum moms, placenta encapsulation offers an extension of this advice designed to provide care for healing. 

Davis is a highly rated San Diego placenta encapsulation specialist who provides both heated and raw placenta encapsulation. She encourages prospective clients to reach out to her to help determine which method might be ideal for them, as well as to find out about the wealth of items she includes with her services at no additional charge. 


Mama Love Placenta Encapsulation is a professional service owned by former birth doula and current Placenta Encapsulation Specialist Meriah Davis. Services include placenta capsules, pick up/drop off, 24-48 hour turnaround time, and phone support during pregnancy and post-birth.

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