Body Sculpt of New York announces early bird registration is open for its next Virtual Six Weeks to Family Fitness Program.

December 02 22:50 2022

“Our mission is to combat excess weight and obesity by providing families with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle, through education and the promotion of physical fitness, health and proper nutrition.”

Masterfully blending exercise with good nutrition and healthy eating, Body Sculpt of New York’s Six Weeks to Family Fitness program helps participants achieve their fitness goals and increase their confidence. The six-week program focuses on an intense regimen that allows people to root out common pitfalls in their workout systems and incorporate effective ways to achieve their personal goals.

Early bird registration for the January 17th – February 23rd Six Weeks to Family Fitness program is now open at a discounted price. This sought-after program helps the whole family refresh, rediscover and reenergize their lives healthily and effectively. Throughout the program, people will learn new ways to make exercising fun and beneficial. “Our Six Weeks to Fitness Programs provide more than just exercise. We provide families with the tools to live a healthy lifestyle virtually in the comfort of their homes.”

Vincent Ferguson commented that one of the main things people are struggling with is weight loss. Many people have been experiencing undesired weight changes as obesity rates continue to rise, especially since the pandemic. Many people believe that exercise is the answer to their weight loss, but Ferguson points out that exercise alone is not enough. The Six Weeks to Fitness program focuses on health and wellness, ensuring people adopt a healthier lifestyle rather than just shedding weight and losing inches.

Ferguson is the President of Body Sculpt of New York, a not-for-profit health and fitness organization. He is also a wellness coach, certified personal trainer, U.S. Navy Veteran, speaker, podcast host, and author. The man of many talents began conducting the Six Weeks to Fitness program in 2010 and has gained a lot of experience over the years that have helped shape the program for optimal results. Participants of the program are guaranteed improved mental health, weight loss, more energy, a slimmer waist, and increased muscle mass, bone density, and flexibility, all done comfortably at home.

“These benefits only happen if you agree to do the work,” shares Ferguson, “but my team of experts and I will show you how it’s done. ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,’ and you are taking this step towards building a healthy family.”

Registration to the Six Weeks to Family Fitness Program entails 12 exercise classes ranging from yoga, Zumba, Pilates, strength training, and more, and six nutrition classes over the course of six weeks. Ferguson and his team also avail recordings of each class immediately after the session to help participants retake the lessons and practice in their spare time. 

Registered members also get access to the Body Sculpt of New York newsletter, wellness coaching through one-on-one phone calls, motivational tips shared via email, and daily fitness and nutrition tracking forms to check exercise, fruit, and vegetable intake. Besides helping participants lose weight, the program also helps people avoid chronic illnesses by assisting people in managing their blood pressure and A1-C levels. 

Body Sculpt of New York continues to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy eating across age groups and how effective physical exercise is when coupled with good nutrition.

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