My Plan Keeper Helps Retirees Plan for the Future, Set to Release a Tool to Help Clients Build Better Financial Plans

December 02 20:27 2022
My Plan Keeper Helps Retirees Plan for the Future, Set to Release a Tool to Help Clients Build Better Financial Plans

The retirement phase can be quite a challenge to prepare for, especially since it raises the dilemma between enjoying the fruits of years of labor or saving up for a comfortable, financially stable future. 

My Plan Keeper was established with a focus on helping retirees and pre-retirees, as well as those who have had enough of investing in the stock market and dealing with uncertainty. It aims to alleviate these individuals’ burdens as they prepare for retirement, allowing them to worry less about their finances and help them protect their investments from failing.

According to Carla Garcia, the founder of My Plan Keeper, various financial vehicles can be used to curve multiple factors affecting retirees, but they also pose a big challenge, especially for clients, who are bombarded with negativity as they seek guidance from their financial advisors. 

If you search annuities online, the many articles that come up talk about them as a “risk investment.” These articles are published by big financial institutions focusing on managing assets and generating revenue based on fees. The institutions are great at portfolio management and wealth accumulation but do not highlight much about insurance solutions.

If clients find out the truth behind annuities, a huge outflow of assets may possibly leave institutions and be transferred to the safety sector. Many investors are desperately looking for the benefits annuities offer without understanding what they are or what they can do for their portfolios. Carla says that retirement and financial independence are both all about income.

“If used properly, vehicles like annuities are the only way clients can have their assets protected against market volatility, fight longevity risk, have a long-term care cushion, create an income for life and much more,” Carla added. So is it unfortunate that there is so much negativity and miscommunication? Her takeaway: seek wisdom; it’s free. 

For this reason, Carla opens the doors of My Plan Keeper to alleviate the burdens of being in retirement and assist baby boomers in living the life they want without worrying about their finances. 

As part of their mission to help more people make sound financial decisions, Carla and My Plan Keeper are currently developing a tool to provide their clients with the guidance they need to protect and grow their financial plans. Although not an easy undertaking, Carla believes that with proper strategies, clients can reduce stress and get the best of both worlds. “The world evolved, and so should your strategies,” Carla said.

Before Carla Garcia became a licensed financial keeper and founder of My Plan Keeper, she was a financial advisor and relationship manager with a six-figure paycheck for almost twenty years. While she could easily choose the path she had, Carla wanted to impact more lives, so she broke away from her previous role to set a new standard in the financial realm. As a result, Carla founded My Plan Keeper to help people shift how they plan for their future and retirement. She sets the right expectations with her clients and shows them the worst-case scenarios of every decision they may take, not to discourage them but to help them understand all the possibilities, both good and bad. 

Many people may immediately assume that Carla’s primary job involves providing strategic financial planning methods to people from all walks of life. However, this power player is not an ordinary personality in the realm of wealth management. She also assists her clients in making educated decisions and positioning herself on their side of the table rather than on the side of the financial institution. In this way, clients still have control over their finances without feeling lost, with Carla as their guiding force and leader that helps them plan while enabling them to gain a sense of what lies ahead in their pursuit of financial wellness.

“We are not money managers. We are an objective outsider that enables clients to have the power to implement solutions and build a solid foundation for their plan, always knowing their plan involves certainty and protection,” shared Carla. “I dislike planning based on fear. I do not want my clients to make a decision because they feel afraid. It is our job to help them understand the key factors and the things that could go wrong and show them how easy it is to reposition their strategy to keep up with increasing taxes, inflation, healthcare cost, and market volatility.”

As Carla Garcia continues to help people with her strategic planning and revolutionary support, she aims to encourage other financial advisors who want to take the big step into flipping the coin and becoming Financial Keepers. In the years to come, she wishes to see more people put value on the foundations of financial planning and the safety of principals, especially during retirement. She also plans to establish more Plan Keepers in many states throughout the country.

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