Emerging Global Leader Tomorrow Fund Finds Continuous Success in Its Pursuit of Sustainability in Oil and Gas

December 02 20:18 2022
Emerging Global Leader Tomorrow Fund Finds Continuous Success in Its Pursuit of Sustainability in Oil and Gas

The breadth and complexity of the current global energy crisis are unparalleled. Following the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, a large portion of the world experienced shortages and rising prices in the oil, gas, and electricity markets. As a result, the energy sector is faced with the challenge of maintaining cost-effective and sustainable oil production despite experiencing financial cuts from investment institutions to survive this global crisis.

Tomorrow Fund empowers its partners with optimized strategies for capital expenditure to enable effective, efficient, clean oil drilling and production. It is a product of two prominent private investment players in the gas and oil industry, with a combined experience of more than 200 years and excellent results under their belts. The Strata Exploration team has been asked to assess the feasibility and sustainability of energy projects in almost every significant energy-producing basin for decades. With Strata’s partnership with carbon reduction-centered Monge Point Management, exceptional outcomes in oil and gas production and exploration are a foregone conclusion.

President and Senior Executive Trustee of Strata Exploration Trust Jerry Jackson said in a press release, “The future of American Energy and the production of clean and capital-efficient energy isn’t a new concept to our team. Over the past 40 years in various energy-producing fields/basins, our team has lived by a remarkably simple set of core values: Integrity, Efficiency, Accountability, and Respect, while being attentive to Safety and the Environment.”

True enough, Tomorrow Fund is the least harmful and most environmentally-friendly oil investment capital. Industry experts and sector specialists conduct incisive research that has led them to pursue the highest-yielding plays for oil and gas assets across different parts of the country. Furthermore, the team employs several strategies with the assets, including digitization, process improvement and overall capital optimization. The said team comprises professionals with years of experience, which helps them discover and explore possibilities using a tried-and-true risk framework. 

As we all know from past energy crises, the adjustment process is complex and demanding. Skyrocketing prices prompt endless alterations to energy goals and policy. This shift in international energy trading can fix enduring weaknesses but also introduce new market dangers. For Tomorrow Fund, this dynamic creates massive opportunities instead, thanks to its long history of high profitability while maintaining strict ESG regulatory compliance. Furthermore, the processes applied by Tomorrow Fund have proven to stay profitable through bullish and bearish commodity price cycles.

The most common reflex during a crisis is to flee. This translates to pulling out of the venture in the investment equity world. But despite this ongoing energy scarcity, the US Energy Information Administration still declared in its Annual Energy Outlook that oil and gas will continue to be primary energy sources even after 2050. Given the soaring demand, it is nearly impossible to eliminate the use of oil, natural gas, and coal in the energy mix. The visionaries of Tomorrow Fund instead sought to pursue responsible sourcing of oil and gas and have proven since then that taking extra measures to adhere to environmental goals is ultimately more beneficial in the long run.

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