Lilian Nirupa launches a new edition of her book, the Daughter of Isis: The Birth Of a Soul In a Crumbling Empire

December 02 14:38 2022
Lilian Nirupa launches a new edition of her  book, the Daughter of Isis: The Birth Of a Soul In a Crumbling Empire
Gifted student of philosophy, Lilian Nirupa, is elated to announce the release of the new edition of her book titled the Daughter of Isis: The Birth of a Soul In a Crumbling Empire.

Lizla, the Daughter of Isis, is a psychic princess whom we see evolving through her coming of age experiences which are both mystical and human – describing her own awakening in the flesh and in the Spirit.

The novel is set in the ancient history of the Middle East and projects in to it many timeless issues of spiritual awakening, budding romance, political intrigue and coming of age in difficult – if not chaotic circumstances. It is not a coincidence that this geographic area seems to sustain the same conflicts today, even if many of the cultural parameters have changed.

Here is a comment from a professional reviewer of the first edition of this book: “Although the story line  follows Princess Lizla as she enters into her study of the mysteries, there is more focus on her lessons than on the activities of her life. Delving into the energies of the chakras, the powers of the gods, and the value of self-awareness, Nirupa provides valuable insights for personal journeys of discovery and understanding.

While this is a fictional account of the ancient Egyptian civilization, Nirupa does a wonderful job of explaining how such diverse cultural and religious backgrounds might have come together to create a thriving empire that survived several millennia.

Reading this book is not a process of immersing oneself in the identity of a fictional character. Instead, it is an act of introspection, reflection, and meditation that can enhance one’s immersion in oneself.” Wendy Strain for USD Review of Books.

Ms. Lilian Nirupa is a lifelong student of philosophy, Eastern Psychology and Yoga. She also has a background in Education and Psychology. Due to her wide travels she also has been exposed to the challenge of interacting with many different traditions and cultural diversity. In her studies of yoga and meditation, both East and West, Ms. Nirupa discovered the truism from Joseph Campbell’s assertion that most Eastern Religion is true psychology.

Lilian NirupaLizla’s book is published and marketed by Author’s Tranquility Press, the best marketing tool for new and established authors, serving as the authors’ ultimate book publicity partner. For information about her book you can visit her website at and contact her directly at [email protected].

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