Obarter has announced its latest X7 Super Electric Scooter for pros and enthusiasts who want the best of both worlds – speed without any oil changes or gas bills

October 03 05:03 2022
Obarter has announced its latest X7 Super Electric Scooter for pros and enthusiasts who want the best of both worlds - speed without any oil changes or gas bills

A 60V, 60Ah battery delivers an extended range of up to 124.2 miles (200km).
Worried about running out of power while on way to work? The Obarter X7 E-scooter has a massive battery capacity that will last up to 124.2 miles. You can easily ride to work without having to worry about running out of power. Not only does the Obarter X7 have a massive battery capacity, but it also features a 2WD system that provides better grip and distributes power to both wheels at all times when riding off-road.

Obarter, the leading e-scooter company in North America is proud to announce its newest model – Obarter X7 Super Electric Scooters. The fast and durable electronic scooter is perfect for thrill seekers who want more than just an average ride! With its extended range as well as upgraded features like excellent stability & off-road capability; users can now take this bad boy anywhere they go without worrying about getting stuck or lost on any terrain type (even snow!)

With powerful dual motors, the Obarter x7 scooter reaches up to 56mph and 124-mile. With a goal of being pioneering in micro-mobility, they offer consumers insight into what commuting will look like for future generations as well as explore unique ways to maximize their product from standard modes such as riding uphill at 55% grade slopes or conquering all sorts of terrain using IPX5 rated tires that allow users do most weather conditions.

The Obarter X7 is a high-speed electric scooter with a powerful braking system that ensures your safety. It integrates 160mm hydraulic front disc brakes and two rear pistons for ultimate stopping power, allowing anyone to stop on demand.

“We want our consumers to experience the thrill of an adventurous off-road journey with a high safety standard,” says Obarter’s founder.

The Obarter X7 E-scooter is a high-performance electric scooter that offers incredible power and range. It’s equipped with two powerful dual motors, each producing 4000w of peak force to extend the life expectancy up until 3000 hours! Plus this bad boy has an advanced 2-wheel drive system which ensures ultimate traction on any terrain you may come across while also keeping damage costs low because both wheels get fed equally throughout your ride so there won’t be any slipping or sliding either way when going over rough terrains like sand beaches etcetera.

The Obarter X7 E-Scooter is perfect for commuting, traveling in style, and going on adventures. The dual motors provide a smooth ride with powerful peaking that extends the lifespan of your batteries up to 3000 hours! With its 60V/60Ah battery delivering an extended range from 124 miles (200 km)to moonlight walks through wetland trails this electric scooter will take you everywhere without worrying about getting stranded or lost thanks to the cutting-edge full suspension frame design which includes hydraulic front forks & rear shocks as well.

The features of this scooter are perfect for most people and abilities. It has dual front lights, LED daytime running light as well as turning signal lamps in order to provide the customer with enhanced visibility when riding at night or early morning hours; it also comes equipped with a cooling fan which helps keep things running smoothly on longer rides (upwards up around 90 kilometers!). The high-speed aluminum frame makes sure that no matter what speed level we choose – whether slow walking pace through uphill hacking–it will stay smooth without putting too much strain onto either ourselves mentally or physically.

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