KwikClick Is Redefining The Influencer Landscape…Here’s Why Its Stock Presents An Investment Opportunity Too Good To Ignore ($KWIK)

August 09 06:22 2022

KwikClick, Inc. (OTC Pink: KWIK) is an under-the-radar company once again proving that stock prices rarely reflect fair value. In this case, the current KWIK share price falls appreciably short of representing just its intrinsic assets. But that’s only one area exposing the valuation disconnect. KWIK has an extraordinary amount of inherent potential as well, which, when added to the equation, shows its roughly $3.50 share price presenting more than an attractive investment proposition; it offers one that could be too good to ignore. It may be a wise move not to.

Why? Because in addition to its impressive asset portfolio, KWIK is also armed with expert management, a strong balance sheet, and is rolling out its industry-changing KwikClick platform, intending to disrupt the affiliate and influencer sales landscape. The sum of those parts makes investors happy. But industry competitors may not share the enthusiasm.

In fact, it could cause competitors like Shopify (NYSE: SHOP, $SHOP), Walmart (NYSE: WMT, $WMT) affiliates, and other businesses paying influencers to promote products to change the way they do business. And that, too, can benefit KWIK. That’s because if KWIK adoption continues its trend, the manner products are sold through influencer channels will never be the same. That means anything pre-KwikClick could be considered yesterday’s technology.

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KwikClick Puts People In Business…In Minutes

That’s not all. KWIK is offering what brands, influencers, and affiliates want. And while its technology is certainly earning attention from brands for being an industry game-changer, it’s also earning accolades from platform users, and it should. 

KWIK has made no secret of being in business to help create an army of influencers who get better paid, have access to more efficient and comprehensive systems, and eliminate the time wasted managing influencing campaigns for different products or sectors.

Those things alone make the KWIK platform transformative to the sector. Still, there’s more to like. Signing on to Kwik is easy, free, and, best of all, provides immediate rewards no matter the scale of an influencer. In fact, Kwik may be the most accessible and valuable tool for wannabe and current influencers to increase earnings and market presence. By the way, that’s an intentional design.

KWIK is created so that anyone with great taste or influence has the opportunity to tell, and sell, to the world. And through one simple Kwik link, they can accomplish that mission. Better still, make money through a sales model designed to keep on rewarding the initial influenced sale.

One Link, Verified Reviews, Perpetual Earnings

Its Waves of Earnings program makes that happen as friends and followers share their Kwik link within their own sphere of influence. It’s a simple one-click process that rewards not only the second, third, fourth, and so on seller, but also the originator of the link each and every time there’s a repurchase. More simply stated, through an embedded feature, the original influencer will get paid from every sale their style and taste influence, including the indirect sales that occur as their inspiring recommendations get shared with others.

There’s another differentiator about, and it’s a big one. Reviews are verified. Many people may not know it, but a product and/or service review on many social media sites are bought and placed. In other words, a five-star rating on Yelp (NYSE: YELP, $YELP) may result from “star” purchases rather than verified reviews. That’s not the case at Kwik.

Its reviews are verified through a process that ensures the influence is made only after a legitimate sale. That’s made possible by KWIK’s heavily fortified back-end technology, supported by robust IP that assures Kwik does more than just connect influencers to followers; its embedded features make it the most trusted and quickest way to recommend products to friends, family, and followers. Don’t underestimate or underappreciate that fact. Brands won’t. 

Fast Process, Immediate Earnings

More great news to those wanting to do things Kwik-ly. There’s no need to have a lot of followers or money to participate. As noted, signing up for the benefits of is quick, easy, and free. In fact, for anyone able to answer the question, “I love that product, where’d you get it?” through text, social media, email, or anywhere a link can be posted, puts them in business. It’s that simple. And after that sign-up, new users are immediately entitled to the benefits and financial rewards often reserved for even the most established and followed influencer.

Within minutes, money can be made. All it takes is answering where that awesome shirt, cool pair of shoes, or hot new product was purchased through a Kwik link directing them right to the product page. From then on, the original influencer is continually rewarded for future sales, meaning that showing off fashion sense or being an early adopter of cutting-edge products could yield significant financial rewards. Best of all, it’s fun, and the links don’t come across as someone pushing products with an ulterior motive.

Remember, people are pushing actual purchases, the reviews are verified, and real people are behind the brands that believe in what they are influencing. So, whether a side hustle or professional, Kwik has made it possible to earn more than fan appreciation; they facilitate a paycheck. And those checks can be substantial and get larger over time.

Kwik Makes Money Too!

But, the better news for from an investor’s perspective is that they make money too, which makes taking advantage of current share prices a timely and compelling proposition.

Remember, it’s no secret that the world of influencer marketing has become a multi-billion dollar business. Of course, that makes sense since brand customers are, in reality, a brand’s most significant marketing asset. And brands are finally taking proper advantage, realizing that by turning happy customers into brand ambassadors, they can benefit from interested and motivated salespeople without having to issue W-2 statements to hundreds of internal sales team members.

More critical to the Kwik proposition is that savvy companies have come to understand the new market dynamics and are embracing the opportunity to increase sales over marketing budgets. Yes, there is some expense, but capped at a certain percentage, brands get vision over costs, a more devoted sales team, and the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising that can go viral in a matter of minutes. Traditional advertising and marketing can’t do the same. That’s a difference Kwik brings to brands.

A Disruptive Wave Of Earnings

And unlike typical referral marketing platforms that only reward users for direct referrals, Kwik incentivizes first and future product referrals through exponential waves of earnings. The program, presented in Waves, is transformative and easy to understand, which can’t be the same for most affiliate programs.

  • Wave one: A customer shares a product link with someone and earns a commission when they buy the product.

  • Wave two: That person then shares their own link with someone new, who also makes a purchase. Both the original user and their referred customer earn commissions.

  • Waves three, four, etc.: As links continue to be generated and shared users continue to earn until the maximum commission level is reached.

The most attractive part of the platform is that results (sales) can be immediate. No proofing graphics, waiting for marketing content or interviewing teams to represent the brand. That translates to revenues instead of expenses… with the power of Kwik behind them.

That power makes the Kwik platform a win-win-win proposition for itself, brands, and influencers. Companies signing up have the unique ability to determine their Retail and Wholesale price for every product, with Kwik using a percentage of that difference to pay commissions and other means to incentivize every customer to become a brand advocate. Of course, Kwik targets the entire market opportunity.

Brands Benefit Significantly From The Kwik Program

Brands benefit from Kwik handling the lion’s share of back-end logistics. Kwik generates the links for customers to share anywhere online. And they follow along indefinitely. If someone makes a purchase through their link, they’ll earn a commission. From there, Kwik processes the sale, sends the brand an order, and seamlessly integrates with the brands existing operation and shipping systems for easy processing.

In addition, Kwik tracks every purchase and pays referring customers for every wave of earning, managing the commissions for every customer, brand ambassador, and influencer—all in one place. It’s revolutionary to current practices.

People currently influencing products understand that is removing significant earnings and entry barriers and eliminating hours, maybe weeks, of time needed to just get a campaign started.

Expecting Adoption Momentum Through 2H/2022

At Kwik, they expect brands to notice the differences and advantages offered sooner than later. And they may be right to be optimistic. The old way of affiliate and influencer marketing is making its way into the technology waste bin, replaced by a Kwik platform that is easy to use for all sides and can create a potential revenue-generating windfall for both the brand and the influencer.

Best of all, the options are no longer captive to the rules that favor one group over another. has developed a way to meet the interests of everyone involved. Thus, whether someone is looking to promote a hot pair of shoes or seeking investment returns through an undervalued growth stock opportunity, Kwik is checking the right boxes.

Not only that, but with disruptive first-to-market technology in a multi-billion dollar sector, KWIK is in an excellent position to exploit its massive opportunities. And as a result, while KwikClick may crown many brand and influencer victors, early investors in the company itself may become the biggest winners of all.


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