Fast-Rising Makeup and Nail Artist Florida Pemaj to Raise the Bar in The Beauty Industry

August 04 22:30 2022
Talented artist and beauty enthusiast, Florida Pemaj, set to take on the industry with her exceptional gel and acrylic and nail designs

The makeup and beauty industry might be set for great times following the emergence of Florida Pemaj, a talented, young nail and makeup artist, as she builds stunning gel and acrylic and nail designs to meet the growing and diverse needs of beauty enthusiasts. Florida Pemaj under the name, Florida’s Makeup, is looking to create a unique experience for as many people as possible.

Makeup has grown to become a crucial part of the daily routine for millions of people in different parts of the world, enabling them to highlight features of the face and accentuate their beauty. In a related development, the demand for makeup as well as manicure and pedicure products has grown tremendously, with a report published by Fortune Business projecting the global makeup market to grow from $35.22 billion in 2021 to $50.28 billion in 2028. However, many of the available products and service providers are pretty generic and offer little engagement with customers, which is where Florida Pemaj aims to make a difference.

Florida always had a thing for art, with her passion for using arts to express herself and make money becoming more visible at 14. She started with makeup, practicing on her friends and mom, before taking it a step further to work on customers of a new hair salon in her hometown, Krajen, Lezhe, a small village in Northern Albania. Her hard work trying to convince the salon owner paid off almost immediately, as the client was impressed, and booked another appointment, leading to the hiring of Florida by the studio on the same day.

The decision to join the salon kickstarted Florida’s journey into mainstream makeup and nail artistry, working all summer and sometimes through the night, with her deliverables including building gel kits.

For further information about Florida Pemaj and her works as a makeup and nail artist, visit her page on Instagram and YouTube, where she continues to grow her online community.

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