Michel Litvak’s Company Confirmed Eco-Safe

August 03 22:00 2022

A review of Oteko Portservice conducted by the specialists of the Federal laboratory of the Taman Region has confirmed that the air and surrounding environment of the port of Taman are safe and clear of toxic pollutants.

Michel Litvak’s company – Oteko Group – is the operator of the largest privately funded port in the South of Russia. Extensive quarterly monitoring and analysis of the environment surrounding the port, involving over 6,000 samples, has confirmed that the waters and air are safe and do not contain any polluting substances. All maximum permissible concentration values in the samples were well within acceptable limits.

A total of sixteen locations were analyzed for air quality and were found to have no violations, remaining well in line with established norms for such environments within close proximity to industrial facilities. Four local villages were among the sampled areas, all showing negative results for pollutant sampling. The results of water analysis make it clear that the waters surrounding the port of Taman are clean enough for fish breeding – a sign of hygiene and high oxygen concentration.

Oteko Group routinely conducts sampling of air and water within the vicinity of the port of Taman. The actions are conducted as part of the company’s ongoing efforts aimed at supporting high standards of environment safety and air quality. The responsible approach to environmental protection allows the company to comply with all locally active legislator requirements and ensures the health of local residents, as well as endemic flora and fauna.

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