Ares Wept: Pure Silver and Acrylic By Prince Ikeobi Ekwevi

August 02 17:16 2022
Prince Ikeobi Ekwevi lists Ares Wept for 2.5 Million Dollars.

Prince Ikeobi Ekwevi recently listed a very beautiful piece of artwork for a cool 2.5 million. This piece encompasses a dramatically gorgeous noir landscape with Ikeobi vibes. We were able to sit down with Ikeobi and get some details as to what motivated him to create this beautiful piece of work.

Hello Ikeobi so can you tell us a bit more about why you even started painting?

I always liked art. My passion for art started with my Tumblr in high school. I started putting acrylic to canvas because it was something to help cope with all the issues we had been dealing with the last few years from COVID-19 to WWIII.

Could you elaborate on why you chose these colors?

Well I like monochromatic colors. Black, gray, and white are some of my favorite colors. I guess the reason why I picked these colors for Ares Wept was because it spoke volumes and expressed my feelings and mood more directly.

The use of Pure Silver, what brought that on?

Silver or chrome brings on a feeling of happiness. It’s a direct contrast to the colors black and gray I used. It makes my smile and is an attractive color. Using pure silver makes me feel happy and with the transitive property of art would make the viewer happy as well.

Why did you choose such an interesting name?

Ares Wept came to me because of WWIII. Living through such a silent and cyber attack filled war was very life changing. I studied cyber security so it felt like I was experiencing everything at once. The God of War cries is the mood I wanted to create with this art piece. I don’t think Ares should be happy. Growth, kindness, friendship  and prosperity should make Ares cry. I believe that anything preventing people from being content, happy, and friendly to each other should be destroyed.

What sort of person do you see purchasing this artwork?

The sort of person I see purchasing this piece of art is someone that loves love. It is a symbol for making bad people or evil people pay. It makes no sense to be so evil to people so I see this art piece as being a harmonious piece.

You also listed an NFT? Why what’s the utility?

I listed an NFT on Opensea for anyone that wants a little piece of Ares Wept. It minted at 3.99$ and it’s also on the Ethereum network. Etherium is about to explode with the inclusions of Goerli so it’s a good investment.

It was great speaking to you today! We simply love your art and look forward to more!

Thank you. I have some other pieces I’m also working on as well and eager to share my love of art and experiences with the world. Have a great day!

Link To “Ares Wept” NFT

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