AMCAP successfully obtained FST fund permit

August 02 17:10 2022

Transboundary and breaking circles have become the new normal as demand for fintech grows. In this context, AMCAP Group drives the company’s global operation and management system, integrates wealth management and fund wealth management, develops online and offline dual-channel technical support, establishes a credible financial business, fosters a safe, harmonious, and mutually beneficial symbiotic format, and becomes an excellent example of fintech transformation subject of the majority of asset management institutions, successfully obtaining the FST fund permit.

According to AMCAP Group’s head of operation and maintenance, FST is a very high threshold for reinvestment in the financial sector, and FST is extremely beneficial to the company’s business sector expansion. The company can expand into more financial fields, resources, bidding, and so on with an FST financial permit. At the same time, it responds to the Fintech Development Plan 2022-2025 Guidance Requirements, which greatly promotes AMCAP Group’s fintech business in the Asia-Pacific region and synchronises the operation of international financial products.

Fintech, an asset management institution, has advanced at a rapid pace in recent years. According to Jerry, an AMCAP Group venture capital consultant, there are an increasing number of theme funds with high volatility, so professional fund managers and asset management institutions are needed to help holders smooth the volatility and reduce the risk of fund portfolios.

According to the market R&D division of AMCAP Group, the financial asset allocation of fintech in macro-financial management can only be optimised in accordance with the allocation framework after it has the investment and financial management goal. This is because asset allocation in western markets like the United States is done on an annual basis, whereas in China, the asset allocation time span is relatively short and it is more tactical asset allocation, which belongs to the transactional asset allocation. The date is decided based on short- and medium-term considerations. As a result, AMCAP Group will actively introduce and launch a variety of fintech products in the fourth quarter of 2022 that are more suited for Chinese users.

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