Author Vaughan Morrill Shares the Keys to Abundance in His Newly Released Book

August 02 16:33 2022

The author believes success comes down to making a series of small positive decisions

Having the right mindset gears a person towards positivity and success. According to the author of The Power of Leadership with Vaughan Morrill (now available on Amazon), one needs to view life in terms of scarcity and abundance to make decisions that’ll lead them from lack to affluence.

Vaughan Morrill is the owner of multiple successful businesses in the financial sector, nationally and internationally. He’s an innovator in the healthcare industry who has won recognition and numerous awards from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the Department of Health and Human Services. In his free time, he works as an activist, addiction counselor, and leader in men’s ministry in his hometown, Saint Louis, MO.

Morrill tells his readers the importance of sharing knowledge: “[T]o lead others, you must first learn how to lead yourself. Second, once you learn how you did it, you must not keep ‘trade secrets.’ Share it with others: open yourself up so those you lead can see your humanity.”

Having come from very humble beginnings, Morrill shares how his life turned around when he realized the difference between him and some successful: accountability and mindset. As soon as he began to view life in terms of scarcity and abundance, he uncovered three keys to being successful in business:

1. Health
2. Growth
3. Purpose

Before he breaks these down, Morrill challenges his readers to ask themselves a series of questions to put them in the right mindset. These questions serve as a sort of compass that will guide them toward better decision-making, take accountability for their choices, and let go of any compromises holding them back. Everyone has the ability to come to this point; it’s only a matter of grabbing hold of what’s before them.

“You have all the strength you need to achieve your goals. Take steps to grab hold of your abundance, and the results will follow,” says Morrill.

The Power of Leadership with Vaughan Morrill shares these and other valuable nuggets of wisdom that have readers look at their careers from a new angle. Unlock the power of leadership with Morrill’s book and learn to grow in abundance.

Chauncey Moore, an insurance broker and investor, shares his views on Morrill’s character: “I’ve known Vaughan Morrill for several years, and I am honored to speak about him as a person and man. First, I will list several words that come to mind in describing Vaughan: Leader, hard worker, reliable, dependable, accountable, fearless, strong bond, trustworthy, committed, compassionate, confident, creative, determined, efficient, faithful, professional, and caring. I have always enjoyed working with Vaughan. We’re not blood brothers, but I have always considered him as family, a close friend, and a business partner. He is very instrumental in the success of our company as a mentor, advisor, and motivator. He has guided and trained many individuals towards success!”

Bryan Geoffroy, who works in professional sales and marketing, explains how Morrill contributed to growth in his life: “Vaughan Morrill is a first-class person who adds great value to all people who are willing to learn from his leadership and life experience. I have known him for a long time, and he has added great value by leading by example, which allows anyone to follow. He is a kind and considerate person who only wants the best for everyone.”

The Power of Leadership with Vaughan Morrill is now for sale on Amazon.

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