Creative Biogene Launches Synthesized siRNAs to Accelerate the Pace of Gene Research

January 28 18:37 2022
Creative Biogene announced the release of its C. elegans RNAi service to study the mechanism of RNAi and accelerate the pace of gene research.

New York, USA – January 28, 2022 – C. elegans platform, the division of Creative Biogene, is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services in order to accelerate research in the field of biological and basic medical. With an expert team and comprehensive data analysis, Creative Biogene is capable to launch services includes C. elegans genome editing, the construction of C. elegans stress response model, and drug screening. Recently, Creative Biogene announced the release of its C. elegans RNAi service to study the mechanism of RNAi and accelerate the pace of gene research.

Creative Biogene offers commercially synthesized siRNAs that can silence virtually any gene in C. elegans, siRNAs services performed by a team of specially trained and experienced scientists in a streamlined workflow. The workflow of the RNAi service provided by Creative Biogene includes: chatting with experts to determine RNAi C. elegans model strategy, design and synthesis of siRNA/shRNA, RNAi expression vector construction. Creative Biogene can introduce RNAi into C. elegans by injection, immersion or feeding for screening and identification (by PCR, Western blot or luciferase assay), providing the final C. elegans model and validation report describing RNAi details and showed evidence of gene silencing.

The available services include:

• RNAi Design and Synthesis Services

• RNAi Transfection Optimization Services

• RNAi Interference Effect Detection Service

In order to generate more animal models and make a great contribution to research utilizing them, Creative Biogene offers genetic engineering services for exploring nearly all aspects of C. elegans biology, which can be customized to the specific needs of a client’s research. In addition to C. elegans RNAi services, Creative Biogene can also provide custom CRISPRCas9 C. elegans model services, C. elegans MosDel services, and C. elegans MosSCI services.

With a national technology platform and an excellent team of experts, Creative Biogene provides high-quality services and products at competitive prices, and can report project progress to customers in a timely manner. In view of the current convenient and efficient transportation services. Customers of Creative Biogene can directly contact team staff and get timely feedback on targeted inquiries.

“With a professional team with rich experience in the fields of C. elegans research and advanced instruments, we have established a series of systematic platforms and completed independent research,” said Marcia Brady, the marketing director of Creative Biogene, she also added, “We are continuously striving to complement our product portfolio with novel products and technologies in order to satisfy diverse requirements.”

About C. elegans platform

As a professional provider of C. elegans model services, C. elegans platform is dedicated to accelerating the speed of customers’ research projects. The highly trained staff always strictly implement quality control procedures to deliver customer results on time without compromising quality. With a professional platform, Creative Biogene is capable to provide customers with unique products and services according to scientific research needs.

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