Plant-Based Psychosis Inducing Alternative Mental Health Treatments Introduced by The Happy Therapist Sonia Singh

January 28 18:18 2022
Plant-Based Psychosis Inducing Alternative Mental Health Treatments Introduced by The Happy Therapist Sonia Singh

The pandemic triggered the rise of mental health cases all around the world. It has been one of the most pressing concerns in the medical field, which is why experts have been trying to discover alternative and effective ways to treat mental health—a field where Sonia Singh is an expert. 

Sonia Singh, LCSW, LCADC, popularly recognized by her trademarked name, The Happy Therapist™, is a psychotherapist, as well as the founder of the Center of Inner Transformations, an alternative mental health and substance use treatment agency and wellness center that provides unique programming and services that address various psychological, emotional, and wellness needs. One of the Center of Inner Transformations premier programs includes the use of herbal and plant-based medications, also integrative evidence-based practices that have been researched, studied, and tested to be effective alternative solutions to treating mental health. Many of Ms. Sonia Singh’s treatment methods are drawn from both modern and ancient, natural and holistic interventions that assist her clients in healing themselves with realistic and sustainable coping tools.

Plant-based health solutions and naturopathic healing has become a trend in recent years. Because of the rise of plant-based available foods and the advancement of public awareness campaigns about the long-term, harmful physiological effects of pharmaceutical medicines, people are more conscious of what they are consuming and how this affects their health. “Traditional mental health treatments are very outdated and ineffective. Most mental health providers, me included, were initially trained with a strong foundation in modern, traditional mental health theories and treatment interventions. Much of which incorporates the use of pharmaceutical psycho-tropic medications, medication management, and related counseling. However, everything that a clinician learns after that traditional and ordinary training to help their clients overcome the issues that they present during their treatment is up to the perspectives of that clinician. I’ve taken the path of focusing on what I call real wellness. This incorporates the use of natural elements and holistic mind, body, and spirit interventions to aid the mental and emotional healing process,” says Ms. Sonia Singh, The Happy Therapist. “People want long-term solutions. They want to change and transform their situations. They don’t want to place a temporary band aid on their issues. They want real long-term change and they want to feel better.”

Sonia Singh has focused the development of the Center of Inner Transformations to be a leader in alternative therapies, by including the use of plant-based medicines, supplements, and specific natural foods, plants and herbs, some of which may cause mild states of psychosis or euphoria. “For certain mental health patients, primarily those people who struggle with a history of severe trauma or debilitating anxiety, natural alternatives are more desirable. They produce less to no negative long-term effects when used at an adult stage in life. The effects of a plant-based treatment protocol better corresponds with our bodies’ internal systems like a lock and key to aid healing. When we use natural elements from the earth as a part of our path to curing our health issues, we are giving ourselves life to live,” Ms. Sonia Singh passionately states. “My alternative programming provides choices. My clients choose which mind-altering substance they want to incorporate as a part of their treatment. Whether a psycho-tropic pharmaceutical medication or a plant-based medicine, supplement or wellness plan. They choose.” The Center of Inner Transformations provides mental health interventions that may incorporate wellness treatment planning that focuses on harm reduction while combining holistic intervention and plant-based foods and medicines. 

Ms. Sonia Singh is first-generation American-Punjabi, New York City native, and New Jersey resident who began her psychotherapeutic career in New Jersey close to her Alma Mater at Rutgers University. She directs several psychological and addiction treatment programs and has developed a line of wellness products and services that support her agency’s mission to incorporate nature and holistic based treatment options.

The Center of Inner Transformations is a leading alternative mental health and substance use treatment agency that aims to address the opioid epidemic by influencing a culture that addresses their mental health concerns with naturopathic, holistic and safe treatment methods. 

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