Jackson Granite Countertops Company Marks Fifteen Years Of Fabrication And Installation

December 31 18:09 2021
Locally owned Custom Royal Countertops has 15 years of working with clients throughout the Teton Valley. The firm has experience in granite, marble, quartz, and tile.

Custom Royal Countertops & Tile LLC and Juan Amador are pleased to announce that the local company has reached a milestone of fifteen years working with customers throughout the Teton Valley. The experience includes working with Jackson granite countertops, quartz, marble, natural stone, and tile. In addition to fabrication and installation work, the professionals do repairs, refinishing, polishing, and sealing; in fact, any service required to care for the stone. The expertise of the professional team ensures premium quality craftsmanship while building friendships along the way.

Granite countertop materials are truly unique in beauty, appeal, and durability. Granite has more than twenty shades to work with, allowing for blending colors in counters, floors, and walls. It is nearly impossible to scratch granite as it is an incredibly hard substance, unlike other natural stones. The stone resists heat so that it can be used near a range or cooktop. The surface is heat resistant, so a hot pan or hair straightener placed on the stone won’t weaken or damage it.

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One of the negative aspects of granite is that it can cause knives to become dull when used directly on the surface. It is important to ensure that granite counters are properly sealed. The stone is porous, so it can be susceptible to absorbing substances such as tomatoes, oils, juices, and wine. Stains from such materials are difficult to impossible to remove. Poorly sealed granite can harbor viruses and bacteria. Resealing of most granite counters should occur annually as a component of regular maintenance. One other negative characteristic of granite is that it can chip or crack if a heavy item is dropped on the surface.

Overall, the beauty and functionality of granite make it a popular choice for kitchens and bathroom counters. Regular care and maintenance have been essential in helping the surface retain its aesthetic appeal for decades.

About the Company:

Custom Royal Countertops & Tile LLC offers years of experience in fabricating and maintaining stone counters. The locally based firm strives to provide Teton Valley residents with the best customer care skills. The expertise of the professional team is applied in the installation and ongoing care of marble, granite, quartz, and tile surfaces.

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