“Meeting with Ice and Snow, Together for the Future” The People of the US and Europe Cheered for the Beijing Winter Olympics with Great Expectations

December 29 18:30 2021

With the footsteps of 2022 approaching and full of expectation for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, international friends from the United States and Europe expressed their expectations and wishes to China for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games through the Overseas Sodding party of Jiangsu Province. Overseas Chinese in the United States and Europe also expressed their proud wishes and expectations for the hosting of this grand event.

Bearing the Olympic spirit, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open in Beijing on February 4, 2022, and various preparations are in full progress. Jiangsu Overseas Association made a video with the theme of “Meeting with ice and snow, together to the Future”  interviewees, no matter they are leaders in positions of importance, people from professional organizations, sports stars, street youth or ordinary workers randomly interviewed, are filled with excited expectations on their faces. Some of them even listed their favorite ice and snow sports events to express their concern and wishes for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Ms. Fiona Ma, the current treasurer of the State of California, said When I was growing up, I used to go skiing and skating with my family, and I played ice hockey with my brother. We all love ice sports, so I’m really looking forward to Beijing 2022 winter Olympic Games.” She says her family is elated about watching the winter Olympics in Beijing. She hopes the athletes of this world-famous Winter Olympics will keep up their good work and cheer for Beijing.

Carlos Amezcua is the anchor of Beond television and co-anchor of KTLA morning News, the # 1 rated show in Los Angeles many times and the winner of 22 Grammy Awards. “My favorite events to watch on ice and snow are the momentum and speed of the men’s and women’s skating and the grace of the women’s figure skating,” he said. “It’s a fascinating display of skill and I have a lot of respect for their hard work and performance in the Olympics.” ‘Remember, you are the best athletes representing your country,’ he said. ‘You should be proud of your journey and wish all the athletes good results.

Merle Liivand Merle Liivand MEL. Levan is a member of the U.S. national swimming team, triathlon spokesperson, mermaid record holder, and former Florida 100m and 200m breaststroke champion. She hopes to make winter swimming an event in the Winter Olympics, and sends her best wishes to all athletes. Believe in yourself, you can succeed!

Dick Marcos, coach of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, said, “Each Olympic Games has a unique and profound impact on each host country and people around the world. China has its own unique charm and is a great host country.” He wished China, the host of the Winter Olympics, all the best, the people healthy and the athletes all good results.

Scott Air International Inc., a Fortune 500 company Tyler Scott, the president, spoke of his excitement about being in Beijing. “It was fantastic. I watched Beijing in 2008 and had a great time. It’s a pity we can’t go to China for the Winter Olympics this time. He couldn’t help saying, “Guys, this is great. It’s worth seeing!”

“I think the 2022 Winter Olympics hosted by China will let the world see a real China, and let the world really know China. I look forward to being there as much as POSSIBLE, and I’ll see you in Beijing!” Ronald Garcia, former mayor of Brea, Orange County, California, expressed his wishes and best wishes.

Many overseas Chinese and European and American friends, including Mary Su, the first Chinese Female Mayor of Walnut city of California, And Dr. Douglas Lash, vice President of Jiangsu International Chamber of Commerce in Canada, all sent their best wishes to the Beijing Winter Olympics. Although thousands of miles apart, belonging to different nationalities, but the Flag of the Winter Olympic Games, the hearts of everyone closely linked together, for the common dream, the Olympic spirit, refueling China, bless Beijing, wish this Winter Olympic Games a complete success!

Meet the Winter Olympics, gather in Beijing, ice and snow about, together to the future. The video, produced by Jiangsu Overseas Association, has been disseminated by many overseas media and various information platforms, showing to the world the unexpected love, expectation, attention and blessing of the American and European people for the Beijing Winter Olympics, and spreading the concept of civilization and progress of the great unity of the world and the unity of the Winter Olympics.

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