How Partymachines Built a Bubble Empire with Foam Machines

December 24 00:39 2021
Partymachines Super E Foam Machine is the official foam machine of choice for North American rental companies.

It all began in January 2002 in Austin, Texas as a margarita rental company. The website had recently been upgraded. Francine called from Microsoft with an offer to learn SEO for $100.Quickly, the site was optimized for everything related to party machines under the sun. The phone blew up. People called from everywhere about everything related to party machines.

About that same time; a regular customer called to book two margarita machines for his July 2002 Rush party. He asked if he could also rent a foam machine for $1400. We agreed and made it happen.

With the new website SEO knowledge and the website in 2002; we began receiving calls from all over the world. Most of them were coming from fraternities and other college-aged organizations wanting to rent foam machines in the Southeastern U.S. Timing is everything.

After seeing success Partymachines pivoted away from renting margarita machines to renting out foam machines. This led to Partymachines creating a kids foam party industry first in North America, and then all over the world.

The first foam machine weighed in about 70 lbs and drew 12 amps of power. It was big, ugly, and dangerous. It was LOUD. It cranked some foam. It also cost $60+/ hour to operate. With due diligence, the foam machine shrank in size, noise, and amperage draw. At the same time, the site became a marketing platform to advertise foam machine rentals everywhere. The rentals stopped at Partymachines and switched to sales in 2007.

In 2007 Partymachines exclusively started selling foam solutions and the equipment. In May 2013, the foam solution evolved into a powder. This changed the industry even more.

Now, in 2022, Partymachines foam machines weigh 14 pounds and only draw 1.8 amps of power. These sleek and small units crank as much and often more foam than the original 70 pounds 12 amp units. They cost under $10/ hour in product to run. To learn more about Partymachines foam machines visit

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