Omnimax S3 Provides Fast Reliable Aesthetic Treatment

December 22 12:58 2021
The Omnimax S3 provides a variety of dynamic pulse control, radiofrequency and VermaDerm technology all in one convenient piece of equipment.

The powerful technology designed into the Omnimax S3 provides the options for flexibility in treatments offered to clients.

The Omnimax S3 provides a variety of dynamic pulse control, radiofrequency and VermaDerm technology all in one convenient piece of equipment.

Omnimax S3 provides the power for you to create treatments like skin rejuvenation, hair removal, body contouring, acne treatments, vascular lesion treatments, and pigmentation lesions with just one easy-to-operate tool.

Your clients want pain-free treatments to help them deal with aesthetic problems they feel need improving. This is the tool that gives you the power to create treatments that are painless, safe, and effective.

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of your clients when they are being treated by you. This is a device that allows you to feel confident that the treatment you are administering will not harm the client, be painful to the client, or cause any lasting damages to the skin of the client.

Fast and effective treatments are the desire of every client you have, no matter what aesthetic treatment they are seeking.

The Omnimax S3 provides fast treatment options and the treatments are the most effective ones possible.

The tools in your office are the items that help you to do work that makes your clients happy. Happy clients are ones that will give fabulous references about you to their friends and family.

With the Omnimax S3 you will have the ability to work quickly when giving a treatment so your clients are in and out of the office faster, and you have more time to see more patients throughout the day.

Sterile environments have always been important, but with the onset of Covid 19 the need for sanitary and sterile environments has increased. The Omnimax S3 is easy to clean and sterilize so your patients can feel safe and you can know that you are not introducing any bacteria or diseases from one client to the next.

Ease of use is one of the features that makes more professionals consider this equipment. You and your staff only have to learn to use one piece of equipment so there is no confusion in treatment steps, and your staff becomes more efficient and effective at their jobs.

With one piece of equipment doing the job of several pieces of equipment you can work in smaller spaces and you do not have to spend as much money on equipment upkeep and maintenance.

Using equipment that is tested and proven to be effective will give you the chance to provide pristine treatments that you are proud to have been a part of.

About SharpLight Technologies, Inc.

SharpLight are leaders in technology development. They provide the business solutions and cosmetic technology equipment to help you provide the treatments and experiences your clients want and deserve. The equipment is designed and developed in Israel and they are members of the American Laser Group establishing excellence in treatment in the largest chain of aesthetic clinics in Israel today.

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