Kraken Cricket Among Top Australian Cricket Bat Companies for Handmade Bats that Look Great and Deliver Exceptional Performance

December 22 14:48 2021
Since 2015, Kraken Bats has manufactured custom bats in Adelaide, AU. Made from English willow, the bats possess a great pick up and balance. It ships these bats to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and other cities. It also supplies cricket pads, gloves, and wicketkeeping gear.

According to announcements released by Kraken Cricket, this independent bat maker is among the top Australian cricket bat companies. Its range of handcrafted bats includes custom-made bats to deliver outstanding performance.

The business operates out of Adelaide, AU but ships bats to Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. In addition to bats, this foremost among Australian cricket bat makers also supplies batting gloves, batting pads, cricket bags in various styles, junior cricket gear, and wicketkeeping gloves.

Kraken Bats is among the very few independent bat makers in the country and offers an exciting selection of bats. It has acquired a name as a dependable purveyor of the highest quality cricket equipment. The business sponsors national and international cricketers.

The Kraken limited edition is among the best-performing bats out there. It is made from carefully selected pieces of English willow that possess the desired grain structure. The bats feature complete profiles and broad edges and are among the biggest bats that can legally be used in a game of cricket. The bat is becoming a favorite of top-order batsmen who value balance and pick up.

The Special Kraken made from oversized cleft delivers excellent performance. It is built for performance rather than durability. The Kraken butterfly willow bat is an affordable piece of willow that also performs well. These very powerful bats with densely packed wood. The butterfly willow bats are identified by the stain that seeps from both sides of a central point. These long-lasting bats carry attractive graphics in electric blue color.

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Kraken Cricket said, “Once you’ve purchased the right cricket bat to suit your needs, the next step is to prepare it for use and to learn how to maintain it. It’s important to oil your cricket bat before use as manufacturers have reported that more than 50 per cent of bats returned to them for repair have not been sufficiently oiled or over-oiled. Knocking in your cricket bat is an essential part of its preparation – all cricket bats perform better once they have been knocked in. The edges, toe and blade all need to be well knocked in to withstand the impact from a cricket ball, to prevent breakages and damage to the bat. The knocking in process cannot be rushed and must be carried out carefully, to ensure the wood of the bat is compact, so the fibers are compressed and knitted together. We recommend applying fiber tape to the edges of your bat and an anti-scuff sheet for further protection. You can also add a protective cover to the bat which should be positioned approximately 3-5mm from the toe of the bat, with the cover running up the face of the cricket bat and finishing just below the bat manufacturers labels. Bats that stipulate they are already ‘knocked in’ still require some care and attention before they are ready to be used in a match. Kraken Cricket, when only the best will do.”

About the Company:

Kraken Cricket is an Australian cricket brand. It was established in 2015 and since then has grown to become one of Australia’s premier independent bat makers known for the quality of its bats. Pads, gloves, cricket bags, and wicketkeeping equipment available with Kraken Cricket is of high quality, and it looks great.

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