The Journey to Self-Empowerment is to Stop Picking The Fruit. That’s The Cure of All Sins.

December 17 12:46 2021
The Journey to Self-Empowerment is to Stop Picking The Fruit. That’s The Cure of All Sins.
Donavan Fulkerson Family
There are many reasons why we fall off the path and pick fruit. But there is hope! Donovan Fulkerson, shares his story on how he overcome our temptations and move towards a more fruitful life. Donovan teaches a practical approach on how to become more like who you were created to be through personal development, success, and helping others unlock their potential.

Donovan was born, 1973 in Las Cruces where his parents attended NMSU and his father later achieved degrees in Mechanical and Sound Engineering. They moved to California during the years his father worked at Lockheed. In the late 70’s they returned to New Mexico and opened a HVAC/Plumbing wholesale store. Roswell became the town where Donovan would begin shaping his desires for film.

He was an avid artist. Starring in live stage productions as early as 7, modeling clothing for TV, singing live and on TV, writing stories (long, depth-based characters/worlds), playing piano at 5 and getting top honors in guild for a decade, graphical art, finishing 6th grade by 4th grade through the gifted program and… well, you get the picture, always going after and achieving whatever he set his mind to.

His father “introduced” entrepreneur mindset in several ways: summer vacation spending monies were Donovan and his sister’s responsibility to raise the funds, so they began making items and selling door to door, by 14 Donovan had a lawn mowing gig as well as worked for his father at his shop doing most of the dirty yard and warehouse work. During his growing up years he traveled some with his father as he expanded into other cities which provided much later needed wisdom for starting his own ventures.

An “A” student who really was bored most of the time and many times got B’s and C’s due to lack of effort. He spent much of his spare time “acting” out stories with his Star Wars, Lego, He-Man, Roblox and Transformer toys. He began programming on Apple IIc, was the VP of the computer club in middle school, had nerdy glasses, became an avid Atari player, a regular at the Arcade yet still took time to play baseball, basketball and later football and softball. He played the coronet in Band and was a freshman first chair out of twelve when they played at Disneyland representing the state of NM. All the while continuing to do live musicals/plays.

His youth summers were spent attending and working as many camps as possible while working to pay for said camps and other youthful exploits. He started recreational filming using his father’s video camera and hip laden vcr while roping in his friends to play the characters he created. Later in high school he became a shift manager for Miller’s Outpost and the local downtown Christian Bookstore.

These are a few of the highlights of the “busy” life he chose and knew as normal and probably why it comes to him easily now. His parents always encouraged going after dreams, whatever they may be. And during the last year before his father past, his dad asked him to promise to keep going after them regardless of the cost and not fall short like he had for fear of not making it.

Film and art are as much a part of who he is as being an entrepreneur and work ethic. You could say it is in his DNA. His passion for achieving is only outshined by his desire to impact others through media and his devotion to his faith.

He married in 1993, has two awesome children and a wife he is madly in love with. Over the decades there have been some crazy tough times despite all the good and he desires to assist others in their journeys using his life’s good and bad. He published his first book in 2011, SIN’S CURE – NO MORE PICKING FRUIT, DESTROYING THE ROOT with accompanying online video course and live stage talks. Born out of many years searching for answers on why we face such a destructive, damaging path to ourselves and those around us. Donovan teaches a practical, daily approach on how to become more like the image of who you were created to be. Based in deep spiritual truths coupled with parabolic stories, he will guide you in becoming your true self. He teaches bible at his local church and is working on future books/courses to expand his influence in others’ lives to improve their success.

Donovan grew up with a dad who introduced him to video games and technology. At an early age he was introduced to Pong and then the Atari gaming systems. He spent many hours conquering games like Centipede, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Pac-Man and others. Arcades became a mainstay in his weekly routine. As he was fairly proficient, a few quarters could sustain hours of play. Over the years, he played with Intellivision, TRS-80, Nintendo NES/64/Wii, Xbox Series, PC Games. He began in the early 80’s programming on the Apple IIc and even built his own PC’s in the 90’s. These years included games like Quake, Half Life, Command & Conquer, Unreal and Wolfestein. Many times, he could be found setting up network systems with office computers including several friends for C & C matches. Later he played through the Call of Duty generations and enjoyed many hours of Team play online. In the late 2010’s he found Minecraft as a creative outlet when not working his businesses. As usual, he figured out how to get “into the guts” of the game and began making his own textures. Finding a niche on the Bedrock version of the game, His HD and RTX packs started to take shape and now are available to all. He plays regularly on a public server and streams when he can to Twitch.

In 2011 he founded Relicwood Media as a side hustle and fulfillment of a lifelong passion for creating film, art, and writing. He began with professional photography and design while practicing his filmmaking skills once again. In 2013 he had the opportunity to be a small player in a film called CAMP and established his first producer IMDB credit. He went on to compete the same year producing a short film in a digital shootout, winning awards, and turning it into a series. With hardly any monies and a large group of volunteer “filmsters”, they accomplished great, although widely unknown work. As the years moved and his skills increased, he added video production to the list and today, is his most sought-after product. As the digital needs of companies shift with social media, Relicwood Media adapts with video products, social creation/management, photography, and design. He continues to work for independent filmmakers on shorts/features as well as the occasional wedding film.

He works with corporate and small businesses to enhance their brands, people, and outlook on success. Through the use of video, photo, graphic design, social and print media, the brand, Relicwood Media develops personalized content for exposure and growth. For the filmmaker, he brings the talents of producer, writer, director, director of photography, editor, actor and more.

Donovan’s stage talks coupled with his writings and courses, focus on personal development and success mindsets. He is passionate for helping others unlock their potential and achieve purposeful growth.

His podcast, The Roswell Business Podcast came from Donovan’s desire to have a greater impact in his home city. He had been looking for ways to increase his influence and expand his other brands too. While listening to a Gary Vaynerchuk podcast, the idea was born. He is proud to use the Roswell brand to highlight companies both in and out of the Roswell area that are making an impact in the little town with a “big” name.

His festival, The Roswell Film Festival, located in the alien capitol of the world, Roswell, New Mexico features short and feature films from around the globe. From the first-time filmmaker to the studio powerhouses, submissions are juried and showcased annually. It is currently on hold while the world recovers from the pandemic closures and hopes to re-open soon.

Donovan has served on several boards including: the Roswell Museum & Arts Center, New Mexico Film Foundation Advisory, Leadership Roswell Alumni, Roswell Chamber of Commerce, Roswell Filmfest & Cosmicon.

He is an ordained minister, served on many church staffs from 1988-2001 and is a graduate of Southwestern Assemblies of God University.

Donovan Fulkerson is a true inspiration to those who want to achieve success in life. His focus on personal development and success mindsets will help you unlock your potential, set goals that are achievable, and take the steps needed for purposeful growth. He wants people to make their world better by becoming their best selves. In order to expand his influence further into others’ lives – he’s constantly working on developing more amazing content through media channels.

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