Quan Wong Switches Career From Corporate Marketing to Film-Making, Releases Debut Film ‘Gone With The River’

December 17 05:00 2021
Hopes to gain global traction

Director, Screenwriter and Producer Quan Wong is fulfilling his life long dream of being a film maker with the release of his debut, ‘Gone With The River.’ Although Wong has been a creative for the longest time, this movie marks Wong’s official entry into the film industry. The movie which was released in 2019 gives an insight into the imaginative mind of its producer. “Gone With The River” is arguably the perfect expression of the untainted relationship between people and elements of life and the environment.

Born to working parents and an older sister in Nanjing, Quan Wong has always had a creative side to him that needed full expression. His relationship with film and photography however,  started as a university student when he was president of his university’s “Photography and Film Association”. During this time, he took pictures of various subjects and came into contact with people from all walks of life, thus developing a strong interest in the aesthetics of images.

Qwan spent a good amount of time acquiring filmmaking knowledge and carrying out some projects. In 2019, the director decided that he was ready for the big screen and went on to release his first full movie. Set and fully shot in a county in Fujian Province, China, “Gone With The River,” tells the story of an old woman, Sister Sheng who is a poet. Her character as the protagonist is not particularly likable but her grit and patience is, which is unique to the Chinese culture even in the face of tough challenges.

After losing her husband in middle age, she craves to go back to her dream of publishing a book of poems. This is much like Wong’s personal story of going back to his interest in filmmaking. Like Wong too who experienced several subjects and met people from all walks of life, Sheng encounters several characters and event including her son who lives in the big city, her dance partner whom she met in a senior college, her publisher boss, her relatives’ second sister, and so on. Unfortunately, her dream is shattered in the end and her son takes all of her money and her house.

Wong displays his eye for precious details with well executed shots that are attention grabbing. Deciding to shoot the movie in the chosen location gives it life that every ardent movie lover is excited to see. Sheng is made to live in a dilapidated house that is possibly from the 50s and just across her stress is a big river which makes the movie title. This detail gives the film a wholesome outlook which reflects how important it is to Wong to execute this project with perfection or something close to it.

While Sheng, the film’s protagonist may have lived an ordinary simple life and have written quite ordinary poems, she is a heroine deserving of respect because she dedicated her time to carve her life experiences into poems. This could be considered a major feat in Chinese culture.

In spite of the limitations that came with the making of  “Gone With The River, especially funding, Wong went all out with this first project and created something to be proud of. However, Wong believes in constantly outdoing previous work and he plans to improve in his future projects. Wong also hopes that the movie reaches a global audience and boosts traction while he makes plans for the future.

About Qwan Wong

Qwan Wong was born in 1980 and graduated the Anhui University in 2004 with a Bachelor’s in Sociology. After working in corporate marketing and management for a decade in various Fortune 500 companies , Wong decided to move towards his lifelong passion; filmmaking.

He went on to study as much as he could to develop his abilities and shortly after began to write screenplays. He moved on to taking directing courses online and went to educational institutions and agencies, such as the Beijing Film Academy and the Chinese Cinematographer’s Society, where he took advanced classes studying filmmaking as well as directing and photography.

According to Wong, his interest in film creation is to develop creative thinking and the exploration of local cultures, including human emotions and interpersonal relationships, from the philosophical and sociological perspectives.

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