10BabyGear Announces New Domain Name, Promises to Offer Superior-Quality Reviews on Baby Products and Expert Guides

December 17 04:33 2021
10BabyGear is thrilled to announce a change in domain name to MotherhoodHQ, as the platform promises to continue helping mothers find information on baby products they can trust.

Finding the perfect baby product can be a daunting task for parents. The information available online can be vague, scattered, biased, and unhelpful. With an overwhelming number of choices, it can be difficult for mothers to choose the baby products and care guides that are best for their families.

Over the years, 10BabyGear– an Amazon affiliate website– has catered to mothers choosing baby products and looking for baby care guides. The platform has announced that it will be changing its name to MotherhoodHQ. Its mission is expanding– not changing– to offer mothers even more help finding relevant information on products and baby care guides.

To highlight the problem, Ashley Davis pointed out that there are thousands of brands selling any given baby product. For example, a quick search of “baby monitors” on Amazon revealed that parents would have to sift through enormous info on more than 4,000 baby monitor brands. This is the frustrating part of finding the right baby gear which MotherhoodHQ is trying to solve. The table below highlights the variety of baby products and the enormous number of brands on Amazon:

Baby Gear Type

Infant car seats

Baby monitors

Baby formula


Number of brands on Amazon





For products MotherhoodHQ is unable to test directly, it relies on its network of mothers that have signed up to share first-hand knowledge on various baby products. MotherhoodHQ’s was created by frustrated mothers who wanted to find a way to communicate with other mothers about baby products that improved their lives and brought more joy to motherhood.

According to BrightLocal research, 82% of consumers have read a fake review in the last year, which validates online buyers’ hesitancy to trust what they read online. One feature that separates MotherhoodHQ from other review websites is that they bring together a community of mothers who can share their own expertise and give each other honest and real user feedback. Users can trust that the reviews on baby monitors, products, and expert guides are genuine – not bought to earn sales.

Ashley Davis, a founding team member at MotherhoodHQ, had this to say about the rebranding and what it means for mothers who shop online: “We are currently piloting the Community Dashboard with a few mothers and look forward to opening it up to everyone. If a mother registered on the MotherhoodHQ network wants to buy a particular baby monitor, she can pick from a list of parents who have indicated on their profile that they’ve used it. She can then message them directly and even request photos.”

MotherhoodHQ’s main goal is to continue solving the problem of access to first-hand information on baby products. Parents who have used a product for at least 90 days can register as an expert, and then potential buyers can start a chat request and ask them specific questions about the product.

Mothers can access product reviews on infant car seats, convertible car seats, booster seats, baby monitors, strollers, travel systems, baby formula, and baby feeding gear. MotherhoodHQ also offers expert guides on topics like baby safety, baby travel, baby sleep, and much more.

For more information, please visit www.motherhoodhq.com.

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