Using Giftpack AI to choose the perfect corporate gift

December 16 20:27 2021
Achieve a 92% satisfaction rate by challenging the “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Did you know that you can choose the perfect gift for your partners, clients, and employees using artificial intelligence (AI)? Many companies use AI when selecting gifts for clients and employees since it’s hassle-free and less time-consuming than shopping individually. In addition, AI-based gifting is less prone to human error, less susceptible to decision fatigue, and overall much easier and more effective to run.

During the pandemic, corporate gifting spending more than doubled, according to Giftpack. Technology can help businesses give their partners and employees personalized gifts instead of generic, unoriginal “corporate” presents. Using AI, you can get a sense of someone’s tastes by analyzing their digital footprint — and give them exactly what they want.

Why is AI helpful?

Artificial intelligence (AI) uses algorithms to “think” logically and find the best possible solutions for any gift-giving problem. AI has many applications in the business world. Companies rely on AI to improve employees’ or customers’ experience, save time, increase efficiency, or boost productivity.

By employing the right AI technology, AI helps businesses in the following ways:

● Saves companies financial resources, time, and effort by automating the gift selection process.

● Helps marketing and HR departments increase their efficiency and productivity while choosing gifts to purchase.

● Avoids mistakes and random “spur-of-the-moment” decisions, increasing the gift recipients’ satisfaction rate by analyzing vast amounts of data.

● Provides better-personalized gift experiences to employees and clients by generating high-quality recommendations.

How can business owners use it to boost employee motivation, increase productivity, and engage clients?

Previously, companies would send everyone identical gifts, as it was often too complicated and labor-intensive to shop for each person individually. But AI-assisted solutions can now help companies improve their corporate gifting strategies.

For example, New York-based Giftpack, an AI-powered gift-giving service for employees and partners, achieved a 92% satisfaction rate by challenging the “one-size-fits-all” approach to corporate gifting. The company’s own AI solution finds gifts from a catalog of over three million products available worldwide.

By analyzing the gift recipient’s personal keywords, social media, and digital footprint, the service gets a sense of their tastes, interests, and preferences. Based on this data, it selects a gift custom-tailored to each person’s unique profile. Giftpack currently serves more than 1,000 corporate accounts and over 20,000 individual clients.

AI also helps businesses increase engagement and maintain employee motivation. Thanks to the many benefits of AI gifting, companies around the world are now spending more on gifts. As of October 2021, according to Giftpack’s recent report, the average gift amount has increased by 66%, a total of $125 per unit year-to-year.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) was the most generously rewarded position in 2020-2021, with an average gift amounting to $1,000, double the amount for CEO ($500) and CFO ($500). Other titles with high average checks included Executive Assistant ($250), Software Engineer ($150), and Marketing ($120).

Gifts are a wonderful way to appreciate and motivate employees while working remotely. Besides, gifts also play a significant role in building strong and long-lasting relationships. With AI, it’s easier than ever to make your gift a memorable one.

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