UGREEN HiTune X6 ANC Earbuds – Immersed in the Moment

December 09 17:00 2021
Dual ANC, Diamond-Like Carbon moving coil, Improved Fit, and 6 ENC Mics

UGREEN is very excited to announce the new HiTune X6 earbuds. The X6s are the next step in the evolution of the X-series and an improvement over the X5 model. UGREEN is seeking to disrupt the earbuds market. The goal of the X6s is to provide an immersive listening experience with expert audio engineering, without breaking the bank.

The UGREEN Acoustic lab has systematically made improvements to every aspect of the previous X5 model. The X6s were designed for people who need to escape the chaos of their daily lives for a relaxing listening retreat.

Immerse Yourself with 35dB Dual ANC

The X6s’ dual ANC can offer up to 35dB of noise reduction in addition to the earbuds’ natural passive noise reduction. Perfect for a noisy commute or drowning out the noise of the city. Comparatively, many of the active noise cancellation systems reduce less than 30dB of ambient noise.  By simply holding down on one of the buds you can turn it on and lose yourself in your music.

Higher Fidelity with a Diamond-Like Carbon Dynamic Driver

The R&D team has designed a new 10mm dynamic driver using diamond-like carbon. This will provide a crisp sound due to the carbon’s diamond-like hardness. But, this driver is also flexible to provide great bass while maintaining excellent detail and improving the longevity of the dynamic driver.

A New Form Factor for Every Occasion

Major improvements over the X5 model have been implemented in the design of the X6 buds.  Based on feedback from our customers, the size of the earbuds has been slightly altered to rest in the ear better. This has helped improve the seal of the ear tips. Additionally, the glossy finish of the X5 earbuds has been replaced with a metallic finish, to avoid smudging. The overall form factor has been maintained to help angle the microphones toward the wearer’s mouth.

Whether Working or Playing, Always be Heard

In addition to ANC, the X6s also have ENC with Real Clear Voice 4.0 and 6 MEMS mics for clearer call quality. This allows the earbuds’ mics to filter out up to 90% of background noise during phone calls. This makes them perfect for Zoom calls, co-op games, or calling to your loved ones no matter where you are.

Never Miss a Moment with 50ms Ultra Low-Latency Audio

The X6s’ Gaming Mode lowers audio latency to 50ms. This is fast enough audio delivery that the brain cannot register the delay. What many people don’t consider is the time it takes for the audio to get from the source to your ears. Normal Bluetooth connections can take over 100ms and can provide a jarring experience while playing games or watching movies. By tapping the X6 earbuds 4 times, the listener can unlock an immersive video game experience.

Pricing & Availability

The UGREEN HiTune X6 earbuds are available on Amazon in the USA, the UK, France, and Germany. The UGREEN HiTune X6 earbuds have a manufacturer’s recommended retail price of $ 79.99.







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