AntuanelleAbstract Art launches new series of Gemstone art in Sydney

December 08 13:21 2021
Antuanelle – Creating Jewellery for your walls.

One-of-a-kind and unique – Antuanelle bespoke Gemstone Art with Natural Minerals, Gemstones and Swarovski Crystals carves a beautiful story of spiritual connection with Nature.

Connecting the beauty of Healing Crystals and Dazzle of Swarovski with almost sculptured 3d freeform shapes – the artist Marie Antuanelle aims to create a centerpiece – a jewelry for your walls – that brings harmony and peace to the space and uplifts the mood of the owner. Every piece starts with Meditation, It is custom made and tuned to a particular Chakra by colors and healing crystals combinations which adorn it.

Stunning Amethyst Geode art that holds deep meaning, made with Chakra balancing Crystals and full of shimmering Pearlescent colors and changing chameleon pigments.

Offering a wide range of Agate Geode Original Artworks, Crystal Original Artwork Commissions, Crystal Canvas prints, Gemstone Acrylic Perspex prints and Agate Framed Prints – the designer, in a way, is conveying a strong and deep message. The message about the importance of Nature Conservation.

The intriguing shimmering tones on original artworks are amalgamated with gemstones, pearls, natural minerals and Swarovski crystals to depict an array of Agate Slices, Quartz and Amethyst Geodes. These accent 3 d decor collectibles not only Bold and Luxurious but also tend to create a sense of balance and peace. These further uplifts the energy of the home while fostering harmony and joy throughout the space.

The Geode Crystal art display specific minerals and hues that tuned to a particular chakra and can profoundly enhance chakra harmony. It helps heal and tranquillize the immediate surroundings while significantly bringing positive vibes into the home. Artworks can be made with your Birthstone on request.

Sydney based multimedia artist is not just restricted to the Crystal Gemstone Style but offers a wide range of art focused on the Ocean, Coastline and marine wildlife, with collectors in Australia and around the globe. Furthermore, there is also free delivery on orders over $1000 for Original Artworks and Free Shipping on all Prints.

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