Pet Releaf Explains How Pet Owners Can Help Keep Pets Calm And Happy This New Year’s

December 06 20:36 2021
With the New Year fast approaching, Pet Releaf wants to help prepare pets for the fireworks and stress of the Holidays.

Many pet owners might be dreading the New Year’s celebration right around the corner. The loud fireworks many people set off can be startling to pets or downright terrify them. Situational stress is very common for pets and makes holidays like the New Year challenging for pet owners and their pets alike. Scared pups might bark at the noises or cower in their favorite spot while cats might hide and shake until the festivities are over. Pet Releaf wants to help pets everywhere have a great New Year’s. Here are a few ways to help keep pets calm this New Year’s.

Give pets a safe hideaway to retreat to when things get loud. Make their space cozy and comfortable with a bed, blankets, pillows, and maybe a piece of clothing that’s been worn recently. Being able to smell their owners can help keep pets calm throughout the holiday ruckus. Pets everywhere might get a little lonely while hiding from all the noise, so they’d probably welcome a visit from their owners, especially if treats are involved. 

Stop stress in its tracks with USDA Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats from Pet Releaf. For additional calming support, dogs also have the option of CBD-infused Edibites that are available in delicious flavors and may help support specific health concerns. Dogs will love the calming Edibites, which are peanut butter and carob flavored, and have herbs like chamomile, which may be soothing to a dog’s nervous system. CBD may support a healthy stress response, especially when it’s triggered by environmental stressors like fireworks. This makes CBD the perfect support for a pet who doesn’t like the loud noises some holidays can bring.

Distract pets from the fireworks with toys. This is a great occasion for a dog’s favorite long-lasting chew toy or a new feather toy for a cat. There are puzzle games available for both dogs and cats, many of them made for dual play, so pet owners can spend some quality time with their pets while rewarding them with their favorite treats. Another good strategy that involves toys is to give pets more exercise than usual during the day on New Year’s Eve. This will wear them out, and hopefully, allow them to rest during the nighttime festivities.

During the day on New Year’s Eve, exercise pets more than usual. Physical activity will wear out pets, and hopefully let them rest more easily that night. Take dogs on longer walks than normal, and maybe throw in a few rounds of fetch with a tennis ball. For cats, extend their usual two 20 minute play sessions by about ten minutes each, and bring out their favorite toys. This will help pet owners and their pets to have a happy New Year!

About Pet Releaf:

Pet Releaf began in the early 2000s with a mission of changing what healthy means for pets and has helped over 4 million pets on their health journey. Its products support a healthy immune system, situational stress, hip, and joint discomfort, and more. All the products incorporate hemp sourced from U.S. farms using sustainable and regenerative practices and is grown with no herbicides or pesticides. By extracting their oils with cutting edge Terpex™ technology, Pet Releaf provides the highest-quality, all-natural products that have shown positive results for animals. Pet Releaf products are sold in more than 7,000 retail stores nationwide and online throughout the United States and Europe.

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*Pet Releaf products contain less than the legal amount of 0.3% THC in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

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