JASNINER X4 is outstanding of mining machines

December 02 19:51 2021

For investors and users who are keen on financial management, virtual digital currency is not unfamiliar, and at the same time, there have been a steady stream of novices joining the mining of virtual digital currency. For example, the mainstream Ethereum digital currency requires a professional mining machine to perform mining operations, and many users who have just tried mining are still not clear about the difference between a graphics card mining machine and an ASIC mining machine. Next, come to the topic of popular science.

Although both graphics card miners and ASIC miners can mine, they are very different in their scope of functions. Graphics card miners can be understood as computers with very high graphics card configurations, while ASIC miners are equipment dedicated to mining. However, after comparing the ASIC mining machine and the graphics card mining machine, people will find that the computing power and management difficulty of the two have different degrees of difference. The computing power of a mining machine refers to its processing power and computing power. Because ASIC mining machines use special chips, ASIC mining machines have more advantages in terms of computing power. The graphics card mining machine is essentially a computer, so it needs to be set once to manage a machine. If multiple graphics cards are placed in a centralized manner, it will cause poor heat dissipation, affect computing power, affect revenue, and increase management difficulty. But the ASIC mining machine is different. The fully integrated and professional design of the ASIC mining machine will reduce the difficulty of management. When multiple mining machines work together, the management problem will not be so prominent. Ethereum developer Piper Merriam also stated in an improvement proposal submitted that mining based on ASIC mining machines has a higher degree of concentration and is more conducive to the future development of Ethereum.

This year, the JASMINER brand released the Jasminer X4 High-throughput 1U server equipped with 8 JASMINER X4 high-throughput chips around the world. Once released, it has become the most competitive and cost-effective rising star in the current mining machine market. It has the advantages of durability, low power consumption, and strong energy saving. It is suitable for IDC computer rooms and homes. It supports ETC/ETP/EXP/PIRL/DBIX/RESOC/EGEM/ELLA/ATH/MIX/CLO/MOAC/ETHO/ETX And other currencies, using the ETCHASH algorithm, the computing power is 520MH/s±10%, the power consumption is 240W±10%, and the electricity bill accounts for only 3%.

Now JASMINER is recruiting partners from all over the world, JASMINER adopts “R&D management (strictly implement management on product research and development to ensure high product quality), innovation mode (breakthrough traditional franchise and marketing models), whole network marketing (make the brand more well-known, make sales easier), fission system (through the social system to attract more customers, faster and better save), intelligent customer circle layer (to make customers smarter and more sticky through lectures, training and experience)” these five empowerments, let JASMINER become a gas station for agents to create wealth. Regardless of friends in the mining circle or partners who are on the sidelines, they can join JASMINER, make money while mining, and jointly create a prosperous circle of the global mining machine sales market. If people have the intention of a distributor, people can use the official website or email to contact.

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