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December 02 14:26 2021

Families around us seldom use home furnishings to decorate their space. Most of the reason lies in people’s stereotypes of iron art materials that are cold, rigid and cheap. With the rapid development of the industrial level, iron art processing technology keeps pace with the times. Wrought iron furniture must get rid of the cold and cheap label, telling the world that iron art furniture can also create a romantic space with a sense of quality and exquisiteness.


The iron storage basket is made of high-quality iron wire by hand-weaving and molding. The three-dimensional electroplating technology is not easy to fade. The shape is simple and fashionable, and the bottom mesh is more dense, which is convenient for storing small items and is intimate and convenient. The tough material, the soft rose gold tone, interspersed with retro fashion art, magazines, snacks…not to mention storage, not only storage of good things, but also a desktop decoration. Environmentally friendly electroplating and spraying process, delicate, wear-resistant and shiny; simple lines are intertwined to outline the aesthetics of the structure. The one-piece molding process and the exquisite detail treatment, the unique rose gold color adds a lot of elegance, lightness and luxury to the storage basket.

The hollow iron bedside table, don’t worry about the heavy feeling of pure black, in fact, the transparent design looks very smart. Simple shape, a hexagonal countertop becomes a small assistant for daily storage, a cup of tea or a book, cozy and comfortable. The exquisite baking paint process is not easy to fade and fall off, bringing durable quality.

Black, white and gray coffee tables are generally made of wrought iron. The surface has been polished and flattened. The surface is flat, the texture is delicate, and it is thick and stable and has strong bearing capacity. It is more durable in anti-rust and anti-corrosion, and expands the space with simple lines. The sense of hierarchy. If you add a combination of electroplating gold or rose gold, it can also give it a sense of luxury and luxury in addition to the high temperature.

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