The Rested Launches a Magnesium Based Sleep Supplement

June 17 17:09 2021
The Rested is an Australian-based health brand that was among the first to develop and refine a natural sleeping formula.

More than half of the world’s population struggles with poor sleep health, with insomnia being the most severe and dominant condition. Lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep invariably leads to reduced concentration, cognitive performance and severely impacts the mood. 

The Rested Magnesium sleep powder was developed in response to the growing number of people struggling with poor sleep health. 

Sleep-inducing supplements aren’t new to the health industry however most models tended to deprive people of natural sleep. The Rested sleep powder features an organic formula with natural supplements that do not cause side effects that most sleep supplements do.

Aside from promoting a faster and deeper sleep in people who consume it, The Rested also promotes muscle recovery, a more robust immune system, and improved mental clarity. Its formula is comprised of magnesium, zinc, glutamine, glycine and lemon balm, which are scientifically proven to support sleep, rest and recovery. 

Its effects are almost immediate, and its efficiency relies on the high quality of magnesium – the essential mineral that the vast majority of adults are lacking in adequate quantities due to irregular/poor diet plan and worsening soil quality.

The Rested team of nutritionists points out that it is normal to feel a calm heaviness upon consuming The Rested – this is a clear indicator that it is working. 

Our belief is that optimal human performance can only be achieved through purpose-driven action.” Sarah of The Rested states that the brand’s mission is “to help you experience the power of functional rest and unlock your greatest potential in life.”

The Rested is ideally consumed half an hour before going to bed, although it can also be used for casual relaxation at any given time. It’s not recommended for children below the age of fifteen and pregnant or nursing women. 

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