Novomix has developed the world’s first gastric cancer gene molecular diagnostic product, nProfiler®1 Stomach Cancer Assay (nProfiler®1)

June 10 03:24 2021
Novomix has developed the world's first gastric cancer gene molecular diagnostic product, nProfiler®1 Stomach Cancer Assay (nProfiler®1)

Novomics is a biomedical science company, leading the development of diagnosis system for the linkage of cancer and treatment on the basis of our specialized technology and knowledge in molecular diagnostics.

Novomics developed the world’s first molecular diagnostic assay, nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay, for post-operative prediction in stomach cancer. The nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay is the first-in-clinical molecular IVD test, which measures gene-expression levels in FFPE gastric tumor tissues with real-time RT-PCR to predict the prognosis and chemotherapy response after D2 surgery for stage II-III gastric cancer. This technology has been validated with the archived samples of CLASSIC trial whose results had been updated in the standard treatment guideline for gastric cancer patients. The gene expression-based nProfiler® 1 Stomach Cancer Assay stratifies patients with gastric cancer according to risk parameters (Low risk, Intermediate risk, High risk) after D2 gastrectomy. (Lancet Oncol 2018; 19: 629-38).

Clinically, the nProfiler® 1 provides clinicians with auxiliary information distinct from the standard risk-stratification methods, such as TNM staging and histological grade, which might be useful when making decisions about adjuvant therapy after D2 surgery for patients with stage II-III gastric cancer.

Novomics is under commercialization process of nProfiler® series including nProfiler® 1 to actualize the vision “For Better Life”. Novomics puts all the investments and efforts in R&D and approval process using accumulated knowledge from medical industry for cancer patients. Throughout all the process, Novomics enhances its value and promise to put its utmost efforts with internal and external supports to get an ordinary everyday life to cancer patients.

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