Bakary Kansaye, the Senegalese basketball player that everyone is talking about. But who is he?

June 08 07:06 2021

Young basketball player of 2 m 06, Bakary began to play basketball at the age of 13 years more precisely in 2013 in Mopti (a region of Mali), the club in which he had to play was one of the best clubs in the region, this club is called DEBO.

It is in this club that he learned to dribble and to learn the double steps and it is there that he could realize his first dunk 1 year later. 

In 2015, this talented man following a move of his family joined a club called ”CRB”. CRB is a club known in Mali by the rigor of its training. With this club, they tried the regional cadet championship but without success. But this failure was a motivation to be stronger.

In 2016, he left CRBS to join a training center called Layidu which was partnered with Drame Tidiane, the agent of the Malian NBA player “CHEIK DIALLO” aka CD13.

The agent Tidiane often came to visit the training center, and once in 2016, he came with Americans to make a game with the players of all the training centers Layidu of the capital. At the end of the match, he issued a certificate of training on August 5, 2016.

Finally he became in 2019 champion of basketball category U20 of Senegal alternating with studies in finance expertise.  

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Now he is playing in the basketball championship in France.

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