A Millennial’s Guide to Running for Office Seeks to Bring Fresh Faces to Local Government

June 04 19:52 2021
Local City Council member Writes Book for New Generation of Politicians.

In 2018, Henry Bouchot unseated a nine-term incumbent to become the youngest councilmember in the history of Whittier, California. In his new book, A Millennial’s Guide to Running for Office: How to Get Elected Without Kissing the Ring, Bouchot seeks to bring fresh perspectives to local elected boards and councils.

“America has become a gerontocracy,” Bouchot says. “Our future depends on young people running for and winning elected office. Yet despite historically high interest in politics among the young, few are entering the halls of power. Young candidates at all levels of government need a new model.”

Bouchot believes his method addresses two major weaknesses of traditional approaches to running for office. The first is his emphasis on running for office as a life experience, akin to getting married or starting a family. Unlike authors who urge readers to run regardless of personal circumstances, Bouchot makes it clear that running for office is all about timing and personal well-being. Second is his emphasis on efficiency and scale. As a former Marine officer and JD/MBA, Bouchot urges readers to treat running for office not as a “popularity contest but as a popularity business.”

Early book reviews have been extremely positive. According to one reviewer, A Millennial’s Guide is an “entertaining read that provides insightful lessons learned for anyone looking to enter public office. The lessons and strategies highlighted in this book are helpful at all levels of public office. Bouchot provides the example and inspiration to run an innovative and disruptive campaign that bucks tradition while yielding winning results.”

Like a true millennial, Bouchot is offering his book in multimedia format, with an easy-to-use online course supplementing ebook, paperback, and audiobook versions of the guide.

About Henry Bouchot

Since his election to the Whittier City Council, Henry Bouchot has been on a mission to give readers a peek behind the veil of local politics. Through his work, Henry hopes to help readers fully understand what Socrates called “the hardest of all trades” and get beyond political gridlock.

You can learn more about Henry and his writing at www.henrybouchot.com.

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